Labor’s long goodbye to the working class

Rick Kuhn Liberating top politicians from external constraints is the goal of Bill Shorten’s proposals for minor organisational changes in the ALP. The issue is not union bureaucrats versus rank and file party members. Since the mid-1890s, the ALP has been a workers’ party committed to managing the...CONTINUE READING

No need to bring back feudalism Tony, the rich are doing just fine

Diane Fieldes It’s almost enough to turn staunch monarchist John Howard into a republican. Even he considers Abbott’s reintroduction of knights and dames to be “somewhat anachronistic”. In this new age of the bunyip aristocracy, Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer are no doubt already planning the creation o...CONTINUE READING

How can Brandis’s bigots be stopped?

Mick Armstrong Attorney general George Brandis undoubtedly wants to ensure that all the bigots continue to vote Liberal. But there is more to the proposed watering down of the Racial Discrimination Act than simply chasing after the racist vote and keeping reactionary columnists like Andrew Bolt and shock...CONTINUE READING

Challenges facing the Venezuelan revolution

Jorge Jorquera The recent discussion of Venezuela in Red Flag has been useful. The discussion of revolution in Latin America remains guarded and often dehistoricised, especially as the impact of the Cuban revolution has faded among newer generations. In his recent response to Sam King’s contribution ( Re...CONTINUE READING

F*ck Tony Abbott t-shirts and other crimes against decency

Corey Oakley Andrew Bolt described the March in March as “a carnival of brutal, savage, expletive-riddled political hate”. For once in my life I agree with him. And I couldn’t be happier. I was fortunate enough to be taking photographs for Red Flag along the route of the Melbourne demonstration, and ca...CONTINUE READING

Bolt’s fans understand what he means

Diane Fieldes A month ago, Andrew Bolt used his Herald Sun column (“We’re paying for the teaching of Marxist politics”) to attack a number of academics who had the temerity to be speakers at the Marxism conference in Melbourne this Easter. It contained the usual defamatory gems, and his regular inabilit...CONTINUE READING

Brandis and Crikey combine to attack a boycott with bite

Kim Doyle After a determined boycott by artists, the Sydney Biennale arts festival announced in March that it was cutting ties with Transfield, which was recently awarded a contract to manage offshore detention centres. Arts minister George Brandis chastised the festival and threatened to withdraw f...CONTINUE READING

A faulty critique on Venezuela

Mick Armstrong Sam King ( Red Flag 19) criticises Mike Gonzalez’s article on Venezuela ( Red Flag 18) for not offering a concrete assessment of the way forward. Yet Sam offers neither a concrete assessment nor concrete proposals for how to stand up to the current right wing offensive in Venezuela. Some o...CONTINUE READING

Concrete analysis needed on Venezuela

Sam King Mike Gonzalez ( Red Flag March 3) tells us, “What can save the Bolivarian project ... is for the speculators and bureaucrats to be removed, and for popular power to be built, from the ground up, on the basis of a genuine socialism”. However, the Venezuelan revolution is isolated. The only...CONTINUE READING