Don’t worry, we’re all good friends here

Josh Lees You can judge a person, so the saying goes, by the company they keep. It would be hard to assemble a more select company of crooks, low-lifes and traitors than those who gathered for Paul Howes’ wedding. Politicians, capitalists, journalists and spin doctors all hob-nobbing together at Deu...CONTINUE READING

The footy would be so much better without Sam Newman

James Vigus Following the footy can be draining as you ride the highs and lows of your team’s fortunes. But there’s one low AFL fans shouldn’t have to endure every week: Sam Newman. Every Thursday night, when thousands tune in to the Footy Show to find out the team selections for the weekend games, th...CONTINUE READING

How about we try a bit of honest straight talk?

Kate Jeffreys The tool we use to think, write and talk about society – language – is contested. In Death Sentence , his polemic against corporate and bureaucratic language, former political speechwriter Don Watson lamented the decay of political and corporate language into impenetrable sludge. “All kind...CONTINUE READING

Michelle Obama wants to #bringbackourgirls?

Diane Fieldes The kidnapping of nearly 300 young women and schoolgirls, and the threat by the Nigerian separatist group Boko Haram to sell them into slavery, has many in the West asking “What can we do?” Unfortunately, the answer is “nothing”. Jumoke Balogun summed up why in an article posted at Compare...CONTINUE READING

Q&A shows what’s wrong with official politics

Colleen Bolger We interrupt normal programming to bring you politics from the street. That was what happened when the ABC’s Q&A panel was rendered speechless for two delicious minutes on 5 May by a group of rowdy students. Their actions struck a chord for many reasons, not least of which is that we’re fe...CONTINUE READING

The Herald Sun lies about Occupy Melbourne

Ben Hillier Melbourne’s Murdoch-owned Herald Sun is again having a lie-based sook fest about those of us involved in the October 2011 Occupy Melbourne events. For two days it has run with the usual slanders against protesters, displaying an oh-so familiar disdain for anyone critical of corporate contr...CONTINUE READING

Who’s to blame for monarchy’s popularity?

Corey Oakley Republicans have been all in a flap the last few weeks, ever since a poll came out showing a resurgence in support for the monarchy among Australians of all ages. Only 42 percent favour a republic, according to the Nielsen poll, down from 58 percent in 1998. Fifty-one percent oppose any ch...CONTINUE READING

Propaganda for austerity through the ages

Louise O’Shea The lead-up to Budget 2014 has been nothing if not an emotional roller coaster. In preparation for what no management-speak euphemism can disguise as anything but savage cuts, the tax-paying public have been encouraged by treasurer Joe Hockey to see ourselves variously as over-indulged chi...CONTINUE READING

Labor’s long goodbye to the working class

Rick Kuhn Liberating top politicians from external constraints is the goal of Bill Shorten’s proposals for minor organisational changes in the ALP. The issue is not union bureaucrats versus rank and file party members. Since the mid-1890s, the ALP has been a workers’ party committed to managing the...CONTINUE READING