Ged Kearney shows we can’t trust Labor

James Crafti The day after politicians united to condemn Katter Party senator Fraser Anning’s “final solution” speech, they ensured that refugees would continue to languish in detention centres. It was an act of irony on a par with Labor prime minister Julia Gillard cutting pensions for single mothers...CONTINUE READING

Australia’s minister for Israel resigns

James Crafti Australia’s minister for Israel, Michael Danby, has announced that he will not contest the next election. Australia doesn’t have a minster for Israel, you might be thinking. But for the Labor member for the federal seat of Melbourne Ports, commitment to apartheid Israel came before anythin...CONTINUE READING

School expulsions report highlights plight of disadvantaged youth

James Crafti “Every year several hundred children are expelled from government schools [in Victoria] … A disproportionate number of expelled children have a disability, are in out of home care, or identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. Some come from backgrounds of significant trauma. Some...CONTINUE READING

Palestinians stand up to Israel’s attempt to control Al-Aqsa

James Crafti Deaths of Palestinians at the hands of Israeli “defence” forces are all too frequent. Israeli soldiers continue to murder Palestinians (including non-violent resistance activists) with impunity. Any attempt to fight back on the part of the occupied Palestinian population is dealt with swif...CONTINUE READING

Activists stave off the deportation of refugee

James Crafti Refugee rights activists have helped to prevent the deportation of a 60-year-old man to Iraq. “Saeed” (not his real name) is from a religious minority that faces ongoing persecution. The head of his village was murdered in 2015 in a suicide attack. His family reside in Iraq but are statele...CONTINUE READING

Australian media and politicians talk selectively about citizens abroad

James Crafti The case of nine Australians detained in Malaysia for stripping down to bathers emblazoned with the Malaysian flag has received a lot of coverage. The men violated the country’s conservative laws and were seen as disrespectful to the nation’s modest sensibility and patriotism. While Malays...CONTINUE READING

Melbourne council workers step up fight

James Crafti Melbourne council workers are stepping up their industrial campaign against plans to undermine their conditions. Parking inspectors have announced that they will not issue parking tickets over the AFL grand final long weekend, when tens of thousands of visitors are expected to flock to the...CONTINUE READING

Shame shame, Derryn Hinch set for the Senate

James Crafti Derryn Hinch appears set to win a Senate seat in Victoria. The law-and-order candidate wants to erode the rights of people who have committed a crime and those who have allegedly committed a crime. According to his party’s website, bail should not be granted to anyone facing trial for a vi...CONTINUE READING

'Where to invade next' disappoints

James Crafti With the US throwing its military might around the world, film maker Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next ( WIN ) asks: amid the war profiting, is there something positive his country could gain from invading the rest of the world. What follows is a travelogue of things that could be taken...CONTINUE READING