Note from Marxism 2024 organisers

9 April 2024
One of the many sessions at the Marxism 2024 conference PHOTO: supplied

The organisers of Marxism 2024 would like to thank everyone who bought tickets, attended sessions and participated in the discussions at this year’s conference. We are keenly aware that the conference was held in the shadow of an horrific genocide, and at a time when the need for an alternative to this system of brutality and war is desperately needed.

Hearing from socialists, activists and writers from all around the world, including from India, Argentina, Kenya, South Korea, Brazil and of course Palestine, provides some hope that such an alternative is possible. It was also inspiring to hear from dozens of local radicals, including legendary Indigenous activist Gary Foley.

This year’s was the largest Marxism conference we have ever organised. It was a pleasure to see so many young people from across the country in attendance, as well as many experienced activists and familiar faces.

We would love to see everyone back next Easter, or if you couldn’t make it this year, we’d love to see you in 2025. Dates will be Thursday 17 April to Sunday 20 April 2025. Until then, see you all in the struggle!

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