02 Feb
Con Karavias
Melbourne University is planning a fundamental restructuring of tertiary education delivery. The Flexible Academic Program (FAP) – yet to be made public – is an enormous assault on...
18 Jan
Azlan McLennan
Areas such as Brunswick, in Melbourne’s inner north, have long fallen prey to gentrification. The working class and migrant communities have gradually been squeezed out. According to...
02 Feb
Louise O’Shea
The Australian of the Year award is probably best known for the profound lack of interest it arouses in the population. Only because of the relatively recent, but very determined, efforts of a...

Marxism 2015 Conference

29 Jan
Tom Bramble
It is almost 10 years since the onset of the global financial crisis, and yet the world is more polarised between rich and poor...
02 Feb
Jaouhar Tounsi
Protests began in the Tunisian governorate of Kasserine on Saturday 16 January after Ridha Yahyaoui was electrocuted. He died...

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