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Our politics

We live in a world where “political struggle” is a sullied phrase. The term evokes dishonesty and the kind of vacuous, self-serving antics that are on display whenever we look at the major parties of Australian politics. If the parliament is all there is to “politics”, then it is wholly understandable that most people want nothing at all to do with it.

But there is another kind of politics: the politics of resistance and struggle. Over the past few years – from the Arab revolutions to Occupy to the resistance to austerity in Europe – people have time and again taken to the streets, organised in their communities and their workplaces, and set themselves the task of fighting for a better world.

This politics of resistance is what Red Flag is about.

Out of the struggles against the injustices of our current system, we want to be part of building a new socialist movement that can mount a challenge to the whole structure of capitalist rule. This is an enormous task. But the courage of the thousands of people resisting oppression and injustice from one side of the planet to another gives us confidence that the future belongs to all of us.

What we stand for

Telling the truth. The capitalist press is full of lies, distortions and right wing bias. We need an alternative press, free from corporate interests and government spin, to provide news and analysis of major developments in our world.

Supporting resistance. Those who own and control the corporate media are hostile to people fighting for their rights. They make money out of the exploitation and oppression of workers and the poor. Red Flag is a paper on the side of the oppressed, telling the story from our side and giving solidarity to those in struggle.

Fighting for socialism. Red Flag is about more than just highlighting problems with the system, or supporting individual struggles. It campaigns to win people to socialism, to convince them that the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism is the solution to the problems of society.

Intervening in struggles. Red Flag’s socialist politics doesn’t limit our contribution to general arguments for socialism. Red Flag is an interventionist paper, bringing socialist arguments to the debates of today about how we can best mount a fightback, what tactics and strategies are needed to take on the right. And while Red Flag will fight for the views of Socialist Alternative, the paper is also a forum in which crucial questions on the left can be debated.

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