P. Inverway was a union man and a fighter for his people.

He followed in the steps of his father, who was one of the many station workers who went on strike in 1966 demanding equal wages and the return of their land. It was a strike supported by many people, and unions, all over this country. It won equal wages and changed the face of the struggle for land rights. This year marks the 50th anniversary of that strike in 1966.

PI took up the fight against prime minister John Howard’s racist laws. He fought against the bosses, against intervention, against low wages, against the ration card and against the continued theft of his people’s land. He fought for equal rights and justice.

That fight took him around the country and then back to work in the construction industry, building houses in places such as Elcho Island, still looking out for his fellow workers.

At 45, he’d decided to finish working for the companies and go back to Daguragu and organise with his people again.

He never made it. He suffered a heart attack and died in Darwin.

His family wants to bury him with honour at home.

But it costs money.

Please give to the funeral fund if you can, no matter how small. Take the hat around at work. Ask your union to chip in. You can see press clippings and YouTube on the crowdfunding site: