Student union elections at the University of Sydney have again exposed the dodgy dealings of the ALP.

Student Labor factions, from behind a thin facade of identity politics and social democratic rhetoric, have elected two Liberals to paid union positions in order to secure jobs for themselves.

This comes after running a campaign with the Liberals in order to get a Labor “left” presidential candidate elected.

Two coalitions contested the elections: “Stand Up”, the Liberals, Student Unity (Labor right) and NLS (Labor left); and “Power”, bringing together Socialist Alternative, Sydney Labor Students (a left wing Labor faction) and Grassroots.

On realising they didn’t have the numbers to secure office bearer positions, the Stand Up students handed Alex Fitton, a hard right Liberal, the high-ranking paid general secretary position in exchange for his vote for all remaining positions.

Fitton, a Cory Bernardi wannabe, declared that he didn’t identify as a male in order to get around the union policy of affirmative action.

The disgusting deals continued: a “left wing feminist” from NLS was elected education officer through a joint nomination with Liberal student Ed McCann.

Despite self-identifying as unionists and progressives, the Labor factions have willingly dealt dirty Liberals into the union.