“Get a good job that pays good money” was Joe Hockey’s advice to those struggling to afford their first home during his time as treasurer in 2015. 

And as befits a man of his integrity, Hockey has led by example. Following his stint of selfless public service at home, he has secured a good – some might say very good – job, one that mainly involves spending taxpayers’ money on himself and his friends. 

In just six months as ambassador to the US, Hockey spent more than $70,000 on parties, dinners and alcohol, including $3,340 on babysitters to enable the heavy schedule of partying. 

The expenses documents, obtained through Freedom of Information provisions, also detail more than $46,000 spent on a housekeeper to clean and cook for the Hockey family in their historic 1940s mansion (also provided at taxpayers’ expense).

This, on top of a $360,000 salary, undoubtedly demonstrates the profundity of his point that “good jobs” that pay “good money” are out there for the taking if you know where to look. 

Add a $90,000 tax-free pension for having managed the national accounts for about as long as it takes to say “double-dipping parental leave is basically fraud”, and we have a role model of the highest order. 

And while he may not have brought an end to the “age of entitlement” – millions continue to be wasted on hospitals, schools and income support for those too lazy to secure their own ambassadorships, money which could be better spent on parties in Washington – Hockey has nevertheless demonstrated the importance of trying. And that’s all you can really ask.