We strongly condemn the actions of the Queensland police throughout the Stolenwealth Games protests, particularly in the lead up to the closing night ceremony where police have targeted known protest organisers.

The police brutality at peaceful protests organised by the Stolenwealth Games committee has led to nine people being arrested and at least two people hospitalised.  It has included harassment of Indigenous elders and families at the protest camp and excessive force at peaceful protests. 

The Queensland police today have been targeting activists across Brisbane demanding entrance to their homes without warrants, searching their belongings and ‘looking for prohibited items and backpacks’ in relation to the Stolenwealth Games protests. 

One activist was asked to view cctv photographs by the police to identify and incriminate other activists.

With no evidence besides the fact those targeted have been involved in progressive and peaceful protests in Brisbane, police have harassed activists and gone to their homes and visited previously known addresses.

We reject the implication  made by Queensland Police that organising and participating in peaceful protests is associated with violence, criminal actions and terrorism.

This is an outrageous attack on civil liberties and intimidation by the Queensland police. The treatment of Indigenous people at Camp Freedom and their peaceful actions is reflective of a state drive  to criminalise protest and must be opposed. 

Media contacts
Boe Spearim - 0424610492
Jessica Payne - 0432665502

Endorsed by
Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance
Andrew Bartlett, Greens Senator for Queensland
Michael Berkman MP, Queensland Greens
Jonathan Sri, Greens councillor for the Gabba ward
Sam Watson
Bob Carnegie, Queensland branch secretary Maritime Union of Australia 
Socialist Alternative
Socialist Alliance