Paedophile protector Peter Hollingworth’s $350,000 annual pension

Peter Hollingworth, when serving as archbishop of Brisbane in the 1990s, repeatedly failed to discipline child sexual abusers in churches and schools. 

In one example, the paedophile John Elliott remained a priest at St Barnabas Anglican Church in Sunnybank until retirement – despite both Elliott and one young victim revealing systematic and persistent abuse to Hollingworth personally. 

Referring to the Elliott case in 2016, Hollingworth said: “After a great deal of consideration over the last 22 years, I acknowledge unconditionally that my actions were misguided, wrong and a serious error of judgment”. 

Hollingworth was appointed governor-general in 2001 and resigned in disgrace two years later, when the allegations surfaced. If he feels remorse, his $357,732 annual pension must ease the pain. 

So too his many perks. According to ABC journalists Richard Willingham and Ben Knight, Hollingworth spent almost $1.5 million on office and travel expenses between 2010 and 2016. 

Australia has the highest rate of pensioner poverty in the OECD. On average, men in Australia retire with a total $322,000 in superannuation and women a miserly $180,000 – crumbs after a lifetime of honest work. 

Meanwhile, a morally corrupt bastard like Hollingworth will drown in riches until death for cutting a few ribbons as governor-general.