Dear System,

It’s over; I am breaking up with you. This abusive relationship is killing me, and if I don’t leave now and salvage what is left of me there will be nothing left but a shadow, a twisted version of who I truly am. Since our relationship began, I have been constantly covered in cuts and bruises.

Thankfully, my spirit is not completely broken. I have mustered the last semblance of strength within to make this decision and do what I need to do to take back control of my own life. No more empty apologies; they never meant anything. No more gifts to mask the way you have treated me, I will be returning them all. I didn’t even open the gift of Constitutional inclusion. There will be no bits of paper. I am done with your games.

I don’t love you and I don’t trust you. I know now you never loved me; you only wanted to control me and turn me into something that I am not. You never listened to me, ever. You just took my words and twisted them. I am not scared any more. I’m not scared of your wrath and I’m not scared of going it alone.

Just one last thing, System. Since it is my house you’ve been living in for the last 225 years (rent free) I am giving you notice to vacate. You’ve trashed the furniture and put holes in all the walls in the short time that you’ve been here. And it turns out the neighbours you were hating on and kept me from with your lies are actually on my side. Funny that – I’ll be coming back with them in a little while to make sure you’ve left the house.

If you’re still there when I come back, we’re gonna bust you up so you can’t hurt anyone any more. And don’t bother cleaning up your garbage; I’m thinking about redesigning the place anyway. 

Goodbye System,

Vivian Malo – Goonyandi woman and anti-capitalist.