Oppression and liberation
Allyship or solidarity?
Kerri Parke

Allyship presents itself as a way that people can show support for the rights of an oppressed group that they themselves are not a part of without “taking the space” of those who are oppressed. Marxists, conversely, argue that solidarity is the key way we can win reforms for, and ultimately liberate, the oppressed. Allyship and solidarity might sound like much the same thing, but there are important differences in these strategies for social change.

What was Israel supposed to be?
Daniel Taylor

It’s hard to believe now, but some people once thought Israel was a good idea. Not just a good idea, but a great historical breakthrough that would transform the world, and the Jewish people, for the better. “A wondrous generation of Jews will spring into existence”, Theodore Herzl wrote in his 1896 pamphlet, The Jewish State. “We shall live at last as free men on our own soil, and die peacefully in our own homes ... The world will be freed by our liberty.”

Racist ‘No’ campaign hardens against tepid voice to parliament
Racist ‘No’ campaign hardens
Jordan Humphreys

Federal opposition leader Peter Dutton announced earlier this month that the Liberals will join the Nationals and One Nation in formally opposing the proposed Indigenous Voice to Parliament, binding his frontbench to the No case in the upcoming referendum. The decision has led to the resignation from the Liberal Party of Ken Wyatt, former minister for Indigenous Australians in the Morrison government, and the frontbench resignation of shadow attorney-general Julian Lesser.

How transphobe Posie Parker was defeated
How Posie Parker was defeated
Grace Hill

UK transphobe Kellie-Jay Keen—aka Posie Parker—was sent packing from Australia and New Zealand last month after her events were dogged, and outnumbered, by protesters.

The barriers to abortion
Erin Russell

Over the last two decades, the legal right to abortion in Australia has overwhelmingly moved in a progressive direction. 

Trans rights are under attack 
Elliot Downes

There is a dangerous escalation of transphobia happening right now. The political right in the United States and the United Kingdom are rolling back civil rights for trans people specifically and LGBT people more broadly. This is being driven by an amalgamation of mainstream conservative parties, the far right, Christian fundamentalists and right-wing shock jocks and tabloids.

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