Oppression and liberation
Trans rights are under attack 
Elliot Downes

There is a dangerous escalation of transphobia happening right now. The political right in the United States and the United Kingdom are rolling back civil rights for trans people specifically and LGBT people more broadly. This is being driven by an amalgamation of mainstream conservative parties, the far right, Christian fundamentalists and right-wing shock jocks and tabloids.

Israel relies on settler violence
Ahmed Abu Artema

Bezalel Smotrich is one of the main pillars in the current Israeli government. Although generally described as the finance minister, his work is not confined to curbing inflation.

‘Women, Life, Freedom’ revolt continues
Iran revolt continues
Bella Beiraghi

“Basij guards, you are our Daesh!”, chanted parents outside an Education Ministry building in western Tehran on 4 March, likening Iran’s security forces to the Islamic State.

Why we need to protest Posie Parker
Jacqueline Blackburn

Posie Parker (also known as Kellie-Jay Keen), a far-right transphobic activist from the UK, is touring Australia in February and March. The National Union of Students has called a series of demonstrations against her and her followers.

Racism and resistance in Mparntwe
Jerome Small

I really shouldn’t have been surprised. A mainly white town, surrounded by townships where Black people live in rundown housing, with grossly inadequate services and infrastructure. It could be the former apartheid regime in South Africa. Or Alice Springs today.

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