Oppression and liberation
Razing and erasing Gaza
Jerome Small

To drive a whole people out of their land—to turn it into something akin to the Zionist myth of Palestine, supposedly “a land without a people for a people without a land”—requires many things. Most obviously, it requires the killing and terrorising of Palestinian people on a colossal scale. 

The glorious death of Australia Day
Priya De

Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci ignited a minor culture war with the company’s decision not to stock Australia Day merchandise ahead of 26 January. Peter Dutton called for a boycott of Woollies, prompting Banducci to plead that he was not “anti-Australia” or “woke”. 

‘Closing the Gap’? Labor’s dismal record on Indigenous rights
‘Closing the Gap’?
Nick Everett

In his election victory speech, Labor Prime Minister Anthony Albanese committed his government to implement the Uluru Statement from the Heart in full. Three steps were proposed by the authors of that statement: first, a Voice to Parliament, second, a Makarrata Commission of truth-telling and, finally, a treaty between First Nations People and the Australian government. Twenty months later, Albanese’s election night promise has evaporated.

WA prisons are ‘barbaric dungeons’
WA prisons are ‘barbaric dungeons’
Alevine Magila

A bombshell report in the West Australian has uncovered details of appalling abuse in Banksia Hill Juvenile Detention Centre in 2022.

Journalists should stand with Gaza

The following piece was written by Aja Arnold, Rae Garringer, Rebecca Chowdhury, Tina Vasquez, Irene Vazquez, Victoria Bouloubasis, Charmaine Lang, Nour Saudi, and Lewis Raven Wallace. It was first published at a number of critical and left-wing websites in the United States. We believe it is also relevant to the Australian media.

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