Sydney and Brisbane say no to transphobia
Sydney and Brisbane say no to transphobia)

Trans rights supporters protested over the weekend against the speaking tour of UK right-wing activist and transphobe Kellie Jay Keen, also known by the pseudonym Posie Parker.

Keen is an opponent of trans healthcare such as hormone replacement therapy and is part of the political movement to ban trans people from using public bathrooms.

She claims to be a “women’s rights activist” but seems perfectly comfortable in the company of misogynists—she has had members of the fascist group the Proud Boys on the mic at her rallies and has praised Donald Trump and British far-right activist Tommy Robinson. Pro-life Christian fundamentalist bigots regularly turn out to her events.

On 11 March, trans rights activists outnumbered Keen’s bigot rally in Sydney’s Victoria Park. Failed Liberal Party candidate Katherine Deves was a guest speaker, as was Kirralie Smith, a founder of the transphobic Binary organisation and former campaigner against marriage equality.

On 12 March, more than 200 people turned out to rally and march against Keen’s presence in Queensland.

At a counter-protest organised by Equal Love Brisbane, speakers included Kristin Perissinotto, activist and organiser, Louisa McCarthy, socialist activist and Sam Watson, Aboriginal activist and socialist.

“Posie Parker is on a warpath against trans rights and she is linking up with the global far right for her crusade”, McCarthy said. “We are protesting today to make sure that these vile ideas do not go unchallenged.

“Freaks like Posie Parker should never want to come back to Brisbane again. We should continue to protest against bigotry and push back against all attempts to wind back our rights.”

Parker is taking her bigotry to Perth on Tuesday 14 March, Adelaide on 16 March and Melbourne on 18 March.

Anti-fascists and supporters of trans rights will again turn out to counter-protests. Coming out in numbers is the best response to the far-right’s hatemongering.

Bigots like Parker should make like dinosaurs and die out.

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