Report documents extrajudicial killings of West Papuans

Hamza Culin A new Amnesty International report sheds light on the abuses and murder of West Papuans by the Indonesian police and military. The report documented 69 cases of extrajudicial killing between 2010 and 2018, in which 95 people were murdered. The cases in the Amnesty report range from militar...CONTINUE READING

Coup attempt pushed back in Turkey

Hamza Culin An attempted coup in Turkey has been blocked by mass mobilisations in defence of the elected government. The coup, reportedly organised by army officers loyal to Islamist figure Fethullah Gülen, started around 11pm on 16 July with a swift attempt to take control of Istanbul and the capital...CONTINUE READING

Austerity’s ill wind blows over the Gulf States

Hamza Culin Oil prices reached a six-year low of US$42.23 a barrel in August. Plunging prices have created gaping holes in the oil-rich Gulf states’ budgets – this year’s deficits for Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are projected to be US$38.6 billion and US$27 billion respectively. This is hardly surprising,...CONTINUE READING

Slavery in the Gulf States

Hamza Culin Migrant workers are suffering in the countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (CCASG). Despite being essential to Gulf economies, they endure horrible conditions comparable to 19th century slavery. There are 16 million foreign workers in the CCASG countries – 40...CONTINUE READING