The battle for Venezuela

Jorge Jorquera National Assembly speaker Juan Guaidó swore himself in as Venezuela’s interim president on 23 January and was duly recognised by all and sundry right wing governments in South America. Jair Bolsonaro and Iván Duque, who head two of the most reactionary governments, in Brazil and Colombia,...CONTINUE READING

How much can you learn in a neoliberal education system?

Jorge Jorquera The notion of lifelong learning is now ubiquitous. In the Golden Age of capitalism – the decades following the Second World War – middle class dreams were couched in terms of material gain, mid-life affluence and early retirement. Today, middle class illusions rest on the promises of educa...CONTINUE READING

Venezuela, unfinished revolution

Jorge Jorquera A good case can be made for Latin America being both the birthplace of neoliberalism and where the first shots were fired against it. Chile became the laboratory for neoliberal thought on the back of the crushing defeat of the working class in September 1973. A decade and a half later, the...CONTINUE READING


Jorge Jorquera In the days to come, Fidel will be remembered and praised among workers and youth throughout Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. In Miami, among the same proto-fascists that helped get Trump elected, he will be mocked and vilified. I have a number of family and friends whose revolution...CONTINUE READING

Eduardo Galeano: ‘The good story teller tells their story and makes it happen’

Jorge Jorquera “One writes out of a need to communicate and to commune with others, to denounce that which gives pain and to share that which gives happiness. One writes against one’s solicitude and against the solitude of others.” Eduardo Galeano died on 13 April, aged 74. Referred to by many of his pee...CONTINUE READING

Crisis and possibility on the Latin American left

Jorge Jorquera If there is one sweeping comment that can be made about the left in Latin America, it’s that it is struggling to imagine the accumulation of forces outside of electoral tactics. Those with the historical perspective to emphasise this are still by and large isolated inside the larger left t...CONTINUE READING

We need new football heroes

Jorge Jorquera An old Latin American fable says that most children learn how to walk with a football at their feet. It certainly was the first gift I received, and likewise our kids. Today there is a growing separation of the professional player from their usual working class roots. In the 1950s, profess...CONTINUE READING

Love the game, loathe FIFA’s Cup

Jorge Jorquera I love football (“soccer” for some). I have spent countless hours playing, watching, coaching and studying it – and hope to do so for many years to come. Yet, like almost all social and leisure activity under capitalism, football is commercialised, turned from pastime to product. Never is...CONTINUE READING

Challenges facing the Venezuelan revolution

Jorge Jorquera The recent discussion of Venezuela in Red Flag has been useful. The discussion of revolution in Latin America remains guarded and often dehistoricised, especially as the impact of the Cuban revolution has faded among newer generations. In his recent response to Sam King’s contribution ( Re...CONTINUE READING