‘A loss to all of Palestine’

Nick Everett At 2am on 6 March, gunfire echoed through the el-Bireh district of Ramallah in Palestine’s occupied West Bank. Heavily armed Israeli troops stormed an upstairs apartment and, in a hail of bullets, shot dead 31-year-old activist Basil al-Araj. The soldiers then seized al-Araj’s body and rem...CONTINUE READING

‘Drastic situation’ for minorities in Myanmar

Confronted with the lack of response to the critical violation of the people’s rights in Myanmar and the request made on 24 November 2016 by 19 Rohingya organisations, we gathered here in London in an Opening Session of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal, expanded to include the subsequent re...CONTINUE READING

Trump and the forces of repression

Jerome Small In May 1970, National Guard soldiers fired live ammunition into a crowd of anti-war student protesters at Kent State University, Ohio. When the firing stopped, four students, all unarmed, lay dead. In early February this year, mass demonstrations prevented a planned speech by right wing ex...CONTINUE READING

The fall of Park Geun-hye

Kim Bullimore On 11 March, more than 700,000 South Koreans once again took to the streets in anti-government rallies, this time celebrating the ratification of president Park Geun-hye’s impeachment. The previous day, eight Constitutional Court judges announced that they would unanimously uphold the 9 De...CONTINUE READING

Reviving the radical traditions of International Women’s Day

Liz Walsh The anti-Trump Women’s Marches in the US on 21 January were unprecedented. Three million women and men took to the streets across the country. It was a statement of intent: the coming period would be characterised by resistance and not passive resignation. Protesters were angry not only at...CONTINUE READING

In Trump’s USA, socialism is in the air

Mick Armstrong It is very dangerous times in the USA, with Trump and his coterie of alt-right reactionaries, headed by Steve Bannon, ensconced in the White House. But it is not all doom and despair. The US is not simply an appalling sea of reaction. It is an increasingly polarised society in which increa...CONTINUE READING

Socialist leader assassinated in the Philippines

Statement issued by the Bureau of the Fourth International, 7 March 2017 On 4 March 2017, Comrade Ruben was killed by the army in the province of Lanao del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines. This was clearly an assassination. Ruben was wanted for his involvement in the People’s Revolutionary Ar...CONTINUE READING

Republicans run from town hall protests

Julia Jones Thousands of people in across the US are continuing to participate in the once sleepy affairs of town hall meetings to confront Republican politicians, including in Republican stronghold states. This new phenomenon has opened an avenue for political participation. Meetings have become coll...CONTINUE READING

Capitalism’s climate death drive

James Plested The earth revolves around the sun. That was the simple proposition that resulted in 17th century Italian scientist and astronomer Galileo falling foul of Catholic authorities, who banned his works and placed him under permanent house arrest. The idea espoused by Galileo and other scientist...CONTINUE READING