The counterrevolution crushes Aleppo

Ashley Smith The combined forces of Bashar al-Assad’s regime, Russian air power and Iranian-backed Shia death squads are reconquering eastern Aleppo, according to reports – and with it, the last of the major cities liberated by the Syrian Revolution since 2011. “Aleppo is being destroyed and burned com...CONTINUE READING

Standing Rock: battle won, but war continues

Barry Sheppard Native Americans and their allies won an important battle in their fight to prevent the Dakota Access Pipeline going through historic tribal lands of the Sioux, and under part of the Missouri River where the Sanding Rock Sioux reservation gets its drinking water. The battle was joined by t...CONTINUE READING

‘All that is holy was profaned’: the year that was, and the politics we need

Ben Hillier The last 15 months mark a quickening breakdown of a decades-long political consensus. Neoliberal globalisation, already a damaged brand among large sections of the population, is facing a globalised right wing populist challenge – still at this point neoliberal, but not so openly and with...CONTINUE READING


Mass arrests in Indonesia during West Papua protests

Arnold Belau Indonesian colonial police arrested 221 people on 1 December in three different cities, with 203 people arrested in Jakarta, four in Sentani, West Papua, and 14 people in the central Java city of Yogyakarta. In Jakarta, a peaceful demonstration commemorating the anniversary of the birth of...CONTINUE READING

Now’s the time for socialist organisation

Danny Katch “History seems to be moving backward.” That’s what a teacher in his mid-20s told me at a rally when I asked what had led him to come out to what he said was the first political demonstration of his life. The protest was about the Dakota Access Pipeline, but he was clearly referring to Dona...CONTINUE READING


Jorge Jorquera In the days to come, Fidel will be remembered and praised among workers and youth throughout Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. In Miami, among the same proto-fascists that helped get Trump elected, he will be mocked and vilified. I have a number of family and friends whose revolution...CONTINUE READING

Castro’s legacy

John Molyneux Millions of radicals, leftists, socialists and anti-imperialists around the world will be saddened by the announcement of the death of the leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, at the age of 90. He will, obviously, be particularly mourned in much of Latin America, Africa and other...CONTINUE READING

‘Rebuilding the militant minority’ in the age of Trump

Darren Roso The global financial crisis of 2007-09, which “marked the beginning of a new phase of depressed profitability and accumulation in the capitalist world economy, is crucial to understanding the rise of the populist right and Trump in the United States”, says Charles Post. Wages have fallen a...CONTINUE READING

Jordanian king should not be welcomed to Australia

Rahab Kamal King Abdullah II of Jordan and his wife, queen Rania, will be coming to Australia on 23 November, invited by our governor-general. They will meet with the prime minister and other high profile politicians. So far, the visit has been kept very secretive in all the mainstream media outlets a...CONTINUE READING