Davos, where inmates run the asylum
April Holcombe

Davos, a small skiing town in Switzerland, once a year becomes the world’s most consequential insane asylum. On Europe’s highest populated mountaintop, 3,000 of the global elite meet to ponder why the climate they pollute is so polluted, why the people they impoverish are so poor and why the world they fight over is at war.

On Taiwan’s election
April Holcombe

Taiwan’s 13 January presidential and legislative elections were a three-way fight between the incumbent Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), the conservative Nationalist Party and the new “third way” Taiwan People’s Party. The DPP held onto the presidency for a third term while the People’s Party soaked up significant pools of disaffection from both major parties.

Toitū te Tiriti! Uphold the Treaty!
Toitū te Tiriti! Uphold the Treaty!
Elliott Shaw

Thousands rallied across Aotearoa (New Zealand) in protests called by Te Pāti Māori (The Māori Party) as a new conservative government took office in December. Rally organisers have called the movement “Toitū te Tiriti”, referring to the need to uphold and enhance Te Tiriti o Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi) against the new government’s racist attacks. Organisers invited people of all races to participate, and there was a significant minority of non-Māori protesters.

The missing socialist movement
The missing socialist movement
Jordan Humphreys

If We Burn: The Mass Protest Decade and the Missing Revolution 

UFC: blood and exploitation
Daniel Dadich

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the flagship mixed martial arts sports league, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. From inauspicious beginnings, it has been built into a multibillion-dollar enterprise, raking in profits from the blood, sweat and broken bones of its exploited fighters. 

Mass movement defeats mining giant
Johnny Gerdes

Panama’s President Laurentino Cortizo has announced the closure of an environmentally destructive copper mine after the country’s Supreme Court ruled on 28 November that legislation granting the mine a 20-year concession was unconstitutional. The decision was greeted with jubilation by masses of protesters who had fought for weeks for this result.

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