We’re flowers for humanity, not potpourri for the dead
We’re flowers for humanity, not potpourri for the dead

Last week I had the displeasure of talking with the attorney-general George Brandis during a video conference convened with LGBTI organisations around the country. At least I can report that he did not get what he bargained for.

The meeting was to discuss the terms of the government’s proposed plebiscite on marriage equality. But not only did every single organisation there reject the government’s proposals and push for it to just pass the damn thing, I had the job of giving him the earful he and the entire government deserve.

The Liberal government has dragged this issue out for years beyond its expiry date, vilified us as paedophiles and groomers over the Safe Schools program and is now insisting on a free pass for the bigots desperate to run a campaign promoting inequality. Yet we are expected to be grateful for any opportunity the Liberal Party gives us to have “dialogue”. What bullshit. As I said to Brandis:

“I will not thank you for giving up a measly hour of your time; you should have consulted us 12 years ago before you ever passed the homophobic Marriage Amendment Act that has put us in this position today. We’ve been through six prime ministers since then – primary schoolchildren would be able to pass this reform. The troglodytes in parliament being unable to pass a simple reform based on the fact that you made a promise that you wouldn’t is an absolute embarrassment to yourself.”

There are too many who like to “tone police” our community in the media and tell us that we owe these people “respectful” discussion. Well, as one activist put it to me afterwards, “There is a time for politeness and there is a time to tell the truth”.

As we know, a lot of people hoped for better with the supposedly liberal Malcolm Turnbull as prime minister. That hope is well and truly dead. Now is the time for anger. Did Brandis not think we would be even angrier when he used the meeting to call us all “fools” for thinking history is on our side?

Let’s ignore those who advise us to doff our caps and crawl to them as we ask them to please stop flogging us. As another person commented, “We’re flowers for humanity, not potpourri for the dead”.

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On the socialist campaign trail
Louise O'Shea

Hundreds of Victorian Socialists volunteers have been staffing early voting polling booths since 14 November, building on the more than 150,000 doors knocked across the north and west of Melbourne during the state election campaign. They are bringing a new style of campaigning to the state election, and have found a constituency of voters fed up with the prevailing pro-corporate, mainstream politics.

WA nurses defiant
Nick Everett

The Australian Nursing Federation will proceed with a ballot of its West Australian members in defiance of an order by the Industrial Relations Commission. If nurses reject the McGowan state Labor government’s below inflation pay offer, they will resume a campaign of industrial action, which was suspended last week.

Workers’ wages squeezed at a record rate
Workers’ wages plummeting
Tom Bramble

The latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics confirm that real wages are falling at the fastest rate since the Great Depression, possibly even the 1890s, both period of massive unemployment.

Reclaim the city
Reclaim the city
April Holcombe

“The question of what kind of city we want cannot be divorced from the question of what kind of people we want to be”, Marxist geographer David Harvey writes in his book Rebel Cities. “What kinds of social relations we seek, what relations to nature we cherish, what style of life we desire, what aesthetic values we hold”.

Get a socialist into parliament
Sandra Bloodworth

Victorian Socialists—recognised by Beat magazine as “the most left-wing option Victorians have this election”, and by PEDESTRIAN.TV as “Fierce door knockers and grassroots campaigners”—is making a mammoth effort to push against the grain of history in the state election. The party has a chance of getting Jerome Small elected to the upper house in Northern Metro and Liz Walsh in Western Metro. If successful, it will be only the third time a socialist independent of the ALP has been elected to any Australian parliament. 

COP27: yet more blah, blah, blah
Edgar Daniel-Richards

The UN COP27 climate conference is taking place in Egypt, which is an apt choice for a climate conference—a military dictatorship propped up by oil money from Saudi Arabia. And it’s reflected in the outcome.