Mardi Gras snubs Turnbull, a small taste of what’s deserved

Cat Rose “You’re not getting the red carpet!” It’s the fairly simple message we gave to Malcolm Turnbull by not officially inviting him to the Sydney Mardi Gras parade in 2017. Honestly, we could have delivered a more acidic statement if we wanted to, but it was the least we could do to retain some...CONTINUE READING

We’re flowers for humanity, not potpourri for the dead

Cat Rose Last week I had the displeasure of talking with the attorney-general George Brandis during a video conference convened with LGBTI organisations around the country. At least I can report that he did not get what he bargained for. The meeting was to discuss the terms of the government’s prop...CONTINUE READING

Stop the endless delay on marriage equality

Cat Rose Marriage equality – it should be simple. Yet a ridiculous number of roadblocks continue to be thrown in front of it by people elected allegedly to represent the country’s will. Now that parliament has been recalled, Bill Shorten has pointed out that the prime minister could use this opport...CONTINUE READING

Worked to death in ‘one of the richest countries in the world’

Cat Rose The coroner described the story of Manjit Singh’s death as a 21st-century retelling of George Orwell’s How the poor die . Written in 1946 about his experience as a patient in a Parisian public hospital, Orwell’s essay tells of the indifference shown to the poor during their last moments in...CONTINUE READING

Abbott vs. the ACT

Cat Rose In a blow to the forces of bigotry, the Australian Capital Territory legalised same sex marriage on 22 October. The Marriage Equality Same Sex Act 2013 is the result of the efforts of thousands of people around the country. Our determination over the last decade never to give up – to rally...CONTINUE READING