A letter to the minister for bigotry

Allen Myers Dear Mr Dutton, I was interested in your recent remarks about the ancestry of 33 people charged with terrorism offences. Even if some of those charged are eventually cleared (that possibility is why we have trials, after all), your figures were significant because they indicate that the fe...CONTINUE READING

Seeking historical parallels

Allen Myers Why is it that, seeing Trump’s victory, I immediately thought of Grigori Rasputin? Rasputin, for those of you with short memories, was the not very holy Russian monk who had enormous influence over the tsarist family in the decade leading up to the Russian Revolution. Russian royalists, an...CONTINUE READING

What’s behind the carry-on about Long Tan?

Allen Myers When considering the fuss made about Vietnamese restrictions on Australian plans to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the battle of Long Tan, we should think of a story that did not appear in Australian newspapers on 20 February 1992: “DARWIN – On the 50th anniversary of the bombing of D...CONTINUE READING

IMF begins to question neoliberal fictions

Allen Myers Who would have thought it? After only three or four decades of neoliberalism stuffing up the world, a small brave band of economists at the International Monetary Fund has begun to doubt whether neoliberalism is really all it’s cracked up to be. Heresy! And from IMF economists! It’s almost...CONTINUE READING

Letter to the editor

Allen Myers Illiteracy seems to be spreading rapidly in Australia, and we can thank Peter Dutton for reminding us of this threat. Dutton has said, referring to refugees, “No one who attempts to travel to Australia illegally by boat will settle in Australia” (as quoted in the Guardian on 18 May). But s...CONTINUE READING

Could it happen here? Maybe it already has

Allen Myers Sometimes you can better understand what’s happening around you by first looking further away. I have been following, with ever increasing disgust, the US presidential election – I was going to say “circus”, but that word carries a connotation of amusement or entertainment. While it is sti...CONTINUE READING

Sorry, boss, I just lost $6 billion

Allen Myers Well, it could happen to anyone, couldn’t it? An employee at Deutsche Bank mistyped something, and, as a result, the German bank sent US$6 billion to a client in the United States who wasn’t entitled to it. Luckily for the employee, the recipient didn’t spend the $6 billion immediately, an...CONTINUE READING

Being competitive: what Turnbull is really talking about

Allen Myers Presenting his new ministry on 20 September, Malcolm Turnbull said, “If we want to remain a prosperous, first world economy with a generous social welfare safety net, we must be more competitive, we must be more productive, above all we must be more innovative”. It’s become quite common fo...CONTINUE READING

John Percy, revolutionary party builder

Allen Myers John Percy, a central figure in the development of the Australian revolutionary socialist movement over the past half century, died on Wednesday 19 August in Sydney, after suffering a severe stroke on 20 July and another on 13 August. Throughout his political life, John was a revolutionary...CONTINUE READING