From Baird to worse: thousands rally against Casino Mike

Alma Torlakovic An angry crowd of around five thousand marched on 29 May against the NSW Liberal government. The reasons to protest premier Mike Baird, dubbed “Casino Mike”, are endless, but a common thread connected all the issues: governing for corporate NSW, utter disregard for democracy, the sale of p...CONTINUE READING

How many Muslim prayer rooms must be trashed before someone cares?

Alma Torlakovic The vice chancellor of Sydney University is very concerned about racism on campus. Except when it’s directed at Muslims. Last week, the Muslim prayer room at the university was attacked for the fifth time this summer. Again, the room was trashed and rubbish scattered across the floor where...CONTINUE READING

Muslim students being monitored

Alma Torlakovic Since July, the NSW government has been conducting an “audit” of all prayer groups in public schools. Aimed at identifying students susceptible to “extremism”, the state-wide check was announced in response to reports about “playground preaching” at Epping Boys High School, in Sydney’s nor...CONTINUE READING

Hutchison protests – one woman’s story

Alma Torlakovic Linda Kelaart has been at the MUA protests outside Hutchison Ports’ Port Botany terminal most days. She told me her story and why standing up to Hutchison was important to her. Linda was sacked by the company in February for speaking out and joining the union. She worked in the office and,...CONTINUE READING

Every action matters in job fight at Sydney Uni

Alma Torlakovic Earlier this year, I was in the Fair Work Commission as part of a union case. The vice-president of the commission described Sydney University as a “workers’ paradise”. Today, we’re in a fight for our jobs. The administration has announced a series of dubious redundancies across the univer...CONTINUE READING

Sydney University preparing to sack staff

Alma Torlakovic What’s a lifetime of research worth? At the University of Sydney, very little. Today there was a forum addressed by vice chancellor Michael Spence and provost Stephen Garton. The talk was all about the radical restructure that is allegedly needed to address the university’s “complex system...CONTINUE READING

Campaign to defend pro-Palestine associate professor grows

Alma Torlakovic Nearly 200 people attended an important meeting at Sydney University to oppose an attack on free speech and intellectual freedom by campus administrators. Called by a coalition of left wing activists, trade unionists and students, the 29 April meeting was organised as part of the campaign...CONTINUE READING

Sydney University still pursuing Jake Lynch

Alma Torlakovic Sydney University has issued letters threatening disciplinary action against associate professor Jake Lynch and five students for their involvement in a pro-Palestine protest on campus in March. It’s a disgraceful attack – one that could have consequences for campus activism in the future....CONTINUE READING

Witch hunt against Jake Lynch the latest attempt to silence pro-Palestine activists

Alma Torlakovic Sydney University associate professor Jake Lynch, an outspoken advocate of the BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) campaign against Israel, has again come under slanderous attack because of his views. The latest lie against him – published at J-Wire , the ABC , the Australian Jewish Ne...CONTINUE READING