Fighting for jobs at Sydney University

Alma Torlakovic University of Sydney staff are fighting to protect jobs and working conditions in the information technology, human resources, campus infrastructure and finance help desk services. In August, the university released a proposal to centralise the four services into one corporate-style call c...CONTINUE READING

Every injustice an organising opportunity

Alma Torlakovic It might seem like small beer compared to the battle for the eight-hour day or the weekend, but the right to have a humble pot plant on your desk has nevertheless fuelled a bitter showdown at the University of Sydney. It started in May, when staff due to move into the new administration bu...CONTINUE READING

NSW continues assault on civil liberties

Alma Torlakovic The NSW state government has continued its assault on civil liberties, this time focusing on teenagers in the juvenile detention system. In February, the government announced a $6 million unit on countering extremism. Teenagers in the detention system labelled a threat to national security...CONTINUE READING

Sydney Uni admits confiscating union material

Alma Torlakovic Sydney University security guards have been caught confiscating union material from staff members’ offices and desks two days after the National Tertiary and Education Union agreed to wind up its industrial campaign for a new enterprise agreement. Staff were shocked after arriving at work...CONTINUE READING

Successful industrial campaign wound up at Sydney Uni

Alma Torlakovic On a fairly bleak bargaining landscape, the campaign at Sydney University has again been a bright spot for the tertiary education union. In August, NTEU members at the University of Sydney started a successful campaign of industrial action to fight management attacks. A strike and protest...CONTINUE READING

Vote ‘no’ in Sydney Uni’s anti-union poll

Alma Torlakovic In a shock bargaining move, management at the University of Sydney has started a process to side-step the National Tertiary and Education Union. News of the university’s manoeuvre came Monday as a stop work meeting of 250 union members was underway. The meeting had been called to plan a 24...CONTINUE READING

Union members on front foot against Sydney Uni attacks

Alma Torlakovic Union members at the University of Sydney will vote on 8 June to ballot for authorise industrial action for a new workplace agreement. The agreement currently covering university workers expired two months ago. The decision to ballot for action is a rapid escalation of the campaign for a n...CONTINUE READING

From Baird to worse: thousands rally against Casino Mike

Alma Torlakovic An angry crowd of around five thousand marched on 29 May against the NSW Liberal government. The reasons to protest premier Mike Baird, dubbed “Casino Mike”, are endless, but a common thread connected all the issues: governing for corporate NSW, utter disregard for democracy, the sale of p...CONTINUE READING

How many Muslim prayer rooms must be trashed before someone cares?

Alma Torlakovic The vice chancellor of Sydney University is very concerned about racism on campus. Except when it’s directed at Muslims. Last week, the Muslim prayer room at the university was attacked for the fifth time this summer. Again, the room was trashed and rubbish scattered across the floor where...CONTINUE READING