Alma Torlakovic

Alma Torlakovic is a member of the University of Sydney National Tertiary Education Union Branch Committee.

Bans versus strikes at Sydney Uni
Alma Torlakovic

There has been a vigorous argument over the direction of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) industrial campaign at Sydney University this year. Most recently, those who have been reluctant to argue and organise seriously for frequent enough and long enough strikes are now leading the charge for a “smarter” strategy of administration bans. 

Unionists debate at Sydney Uni
Alma Torlakovic

Sydney University is in the midst of an important industrial campaign as we fight for our next enterprise agreement. The campaign is happening in the context of plummeting living standards, job losses and a huge betrayal from our National Tertiary Education Union leaders in 2020, when they tried to ram through the now-infamous Jobs Protection Framework (JPF), which proposed a pay cut of up to 15 percent for university staff across the country. Despite the challenges to organising posed by this situation, we have had four successful strikes this year at Sydney Uni. 

NTEU Fightback members push for real wage rise
Uni staff push for real wage rise
Alma Torlakovic

Universities around the country are entering enterprise bargaining negotiations and there’s a debate about what the National Tertiary Education Union’s wage claim should be. 

Sydney University staff begin industrial campaign
Sydney University staff to strike
Alma Torlakovic

A 350-strong members’ meeting of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) at the University of Sydney has voted to take strike action twice in the next month, kicking off our industrial campaign with a 48-hour strike on 11 and 12 May. This follows two years of savage attacks on university workers.

The rank and file uprising in Australia's higher education union
Katie Wood

There is a rising rank-and-file rebellion in one of Australia’s major unions, the National Tertiary Education Union. It’s the most significant revolt in decades. The upheaval comes in response to the union leadership’s proposal to adopt a “framework” agreement with universities that would cut wages and conditions in exchange for a seat at the table for union officials. This makes it important to all workers whose union officials have tried to cut similar deals with the bosses, from the Australian Council of Trade Unions down.

Fighting laboratory evictions at Sydney Uni
Alma Torlakovic

A campaign has been brewing within the University of Sydney’s School of Anatomy and Physiology against the forced evictions of researchers from the Anderson Stuart wet labs. 

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