The wrong kind of unity against Trump

Ashley Smith As the New Year dawned, Donald Trump’s regime appeared to be coming apart at the seams. The billionaire’s tariffs against China and threats to fire the head of the Federal Reserve Bank sent the stock market into a panic. Trump then shut down the government over his demand for a racist bord...CONTINUE READING

The return of the regime change hawks

Ashley Smith They’re back. After nearly a decade in exile from the headquarters of US imperialism, foreign policy extremists so radical that even known neoconservatives dismissed them as kooks have returned to power in the Trump administration. Together with Trump, they have set the US and its allies I...CONTINUE READING

Will Trump set off the Middle East powder keg?

Ashley Smith After a weeklong Twitter storm of threats from Donald Trump, the US government, in alliance with Britain and France, launched air strikes against Syria late on 13 April. This mainly symbolic display of military might will intensify geopolitical conflicts in the region and internationally,...CONTINUE READING

Fear, loathing and resistance in Trump’s America

Ashley Smith The Trump administration is one of the most reactionary governments in US history. It is a shotgun marriage of the far right, the Republican establishment, Goldman Sachs Democrats and Pentagon generals, each intent on implementing a different agenda. Trump stands astride this chaotic facti...CONTINUE READING

The counterrevolution crushes Aleppo

Ashley Smith The combined forces of Bashar al-Assad’s regime, Russian air power and Iranian-backed Shia death squads are reconquering eastern Aleppo, according to reports – and with it, the last of the major cities liberated by the Syrian Revolution since 2011. “Aleppo is being destroyed and burned com...CONTINUE READING

Obama’s new war in Iraq

Ashley Smith Ashley Smith analyses the complex conflicts driving the crisis in the Middle East – and fuelling the drive for an intensified US intervention in Iraq, and possibly Syria. A longer version of this article originally appeared at ---------- The Islamic State in Iraq and Sy...CONTINUE READING