Uber drivers on log-off strike

Julia Jones Uber drivers have disrupted the Monday morning commute in protest over cuts to their wages. Drivers across the country held a “log-off strike” for two and a half hours from 7am on Monday, 6 August, in protest against changes in Uber’s fee structure that have led to a drastic cut to their w...CONTINUE READING

Republicans run from town hall protests

Julia Jones Thousands of people in across the US are continuing to participate in the once sleepy affairs of town hall meetings to confront Republican politicians, including in Republican stronghold states. This new phenomenon has opened an avenue for political participation. Meetings have become coll...CONTINUE READING

Town hall turmoil as Republicans targeted

Julia Jones Republican congressional representatives are under siege at town hall meetings across the US. Hundreds and in some cases thousands of protesters have descended on what usually are low-key affairs between lawmakers and their constituents. At a 9 February meeting in the Republican and Mormon...CONTINUE READING

Interview: Students join US anthem protest

Julia Jones A group of middle and high school students in Oakland, California, recently made international news when they joined San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s silent protest against racism and police violence in the United States. The students, members of the Oakland Unified Schoo...CONTINUE READING

Tropical Cairns a hothouse of police control

Julia Jones In bed recovering from major surgery, 60-year-old Cairns resident Myra Gold was jolted awake at 7:30am on a Sunday by pounding on her front door. It was the police, with a warrant to search her home. They took her phone, rifled through her stuff and searched her car. What sort of serious c...CONTINUE READING

'A dark cloud that hangs over a generation'

Julia Jones On a recent visit to the US, I mentioned to my friend Amy that she was looking worn and should come visit me in Australia. She looked at the ground and started to tear up. “I’d love to but I can’t”, she said. “I’m trapped here.” Taking out government loans for her undergraduate and master’...CONTINUE READING

Speaking up for the sisters inside

Julia Jones Debbie Kilroy’s first encounter with the state came at an early age. At 14 years old, she was put in a youth facility for wagging school. “They thought locking me up would teach me a lesson. Well, it did, but not the one they thought.” It was a brutal environment, in which the young people...CONTINUE READING