UNSW staff strike against workload pressure

NTEU member Staff at the University of New South Wales walked off the job for 24 hours over workload concerns on 30 May. The strike was part of the NTEU’s campaign for a new workplace agreement. More than 100 workers picketed the main gates of the university’s Kensington campus. Around 100 students jo...CONTINUE READING

Impact of Trump election ripples through to the workplace

NTEU member The new environment that has emerged since Donald Trump’s inauguration has played out in my university call centre in its own way. It has resulted in three new union members and newly identified left wing allies. Trump’s attacks, especially his Muslim ban executive order, shocked many and...CONTINUE READING

University casuals campaign off to solid start

NTEU member The higher education sector has a long-running and increasingly dire problem with casualisation. More than half of teaching across Australian universities in done by casual academics employed for a few hours a week. A majority of all academic staff are employed on casual terms. In late Feb...CONTINUE READING

Penalty rates and the right to rest and play

Alex McAuley, NTEU member “If you don’t want to work on a weekend, fair enough, don’t work on a weekend. But if you do want to work on a weekend, and lots of people, particularly students, particularly young people, want to work on a weekend, you want the places to be open to provide jobs.” – Tony Abbott, January 2...CONTINUE READING

CAE - behind the strike

NTEU member “They’ve seen what we’re capable of, I think. It’s not a threat, it’s just a reality – if we’re not happy, if our members are not happy, we will walk out. We’ve done it once, we’ll do it again!” Until a few months ago few people would have expected to hear a statement like this from a Nati...CONTINUE READING