Manus refugees still suffering

Reeshan Zakiyya Behrouz Boochani, a journalist and detainee in Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island detention centre, says the conditions for refugees are worse than ever. Last year, the men were beaten with iron bars and bussed to three newly constructed detention camps in the eastern part of Lorengau, the ma...CONTINUE READING

A new arms race?

Reeshan Zakiyya The global arms trade has reached the highest level since the end of the Cold War, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. This is a reflection of both current conflicts and rising tensions between nations. Between 2012 and 2016, the United States was responsible...CONTINUE READING

Abortion should not be a crime

Reeshan Zakiyya A pro-choice crowd of 400 rallied in the afternoon shade outside the Queensland parliament on 16 February. Hand-drawn placards declared, “It’s not 1899” and “If abortion is a crime, then jail me now!” Abortion remains a serious offence under Queensland criminal law. Women can face up to se...CONTINUE READING

US ‘refugee swap’ is human trafficking dressed up as humanism

Reeshan Zakiyya The Turnbull-Obama refugee deal is an exercise in human trafficking that further cements the Australian government’s record of human rights abuses. It is a “one-time deal” in which an unknown number of refugees in Australia’s offshore detention facilities will be eligible for resettlement...CONTINUE READING

No money for welfare, plenty for misery

Reeshan Zakiyya The Liberals’ $6 billion omnibus bill will turn student scholarships into loans, crack down on aged care and withhold welfare from new migrants. But immigration minister Peter Dutton has plenty to bankroll the torture of refugees. UNICEF Australia and Save the Children have compiled a repo...CONTINUE READING

Death threats over cupcake sale at UQ

Reeshan Zakiyya The organisers of a university Feminist Week cupcake sale last week received rape and death threats. The University of Queensland Union and the Women’s Collective organised the sale to highlight the gender pay gap in Australia. Men were charged $1 for a cupcake. Women were charged dependin...CONTINUE READING

Wage cutting 101

Reeshan Zakiyya The University of Queensland is offering a one-day “outsourcing and offshoring” course to the heads of small and medium-sized companies. For only $979, participants in the Global Resourcing Phenomenon will be let in on the “learnings” of Aimee and Mark Engelmann, CEOs of a Brisbane-based o...CONTINUE READING

Students occupy Peter Dutton’s Office

Reeshan Zakiyya Early Friday morning in Brisbane, university and TAFE students occupied federal immigration minister Peter Dutton’s office. Sitting in the cramped public space, we chanted: “Say it loud, say it clear! Refugees are welcome here!” We kept the beat with the service bell, and blue-tacked petit...CONTINUE READING

Manufacturing terrorism

Reeshan Zakiyya The US state is in the business of manufacturing terrorism. Since the 9/11 attacks, law enforcement agencies apparently have entrapped hundreds of Muslims in terror plots, and created a siege-like atmosphere throughout the country. Human Rights Watch and Columbia Law School have released a...CONTINUE READING