Rail bosses on the attack in Victoria

RTBU member Across the Victorian passenger rail network, workers are facing a series of attacks on jobs and conditions. The regional rail operator, V/Line, is trying to vary its enterprise agreement with its workforce, just 12 months before the agreement is due to expire. Earlier this year, the compan...CONTINUE READING

Sydney Trains at breaking point

RTBU member The effects of the long term neglect of the Sydney rail system were displayed in dramatic fashion in mid-January, as the ageing system ground to a halt due to a shortage of drivers and guards to operate the new timetable. For three days, people faced significant crowding on trains and plat...CONTINUE READING

Melbourne train drivers force safety measures

RTBU member Metro Trains employees hear over and over again that “safety is the number one priority” in our industry. In every bulletin, every press release and every staff meeting we’re reminded. Every time we hear it, we snigger – not because we don’t take safety seriously but because we know that t...CONTINUE READING