Chilean dock workers end month-long strike

Shane Bentley A month-long strike wave that hit ports up and down the length of Chile’s coast came to an end on 25 January after port bosses signed on to a government-brokered agreement with leaders of the Unión Portuario de Chile (UPC – Dock Workers’Union of Chile). Port bosses agreed to make one-off p...CONTINUE READING

Venezuelans stand up to right wing offensive

Roberto Jorquera The victory of the late Hugo Chavez Frias in the 1998 presidential elections opened a new phase of working class struggle in Venezuela. Since Chavez’s death last year, new President Nicolas Maduro has continued with the Chavista agenda. Consistent mass mobilisations of the working class, i...CONTINUE READING

Contradictions of the Venezuelan revolution

Mike Gonzales For more than a week now, the world’s media have carried images of a Venezuela in flames. But the pictures are rarely explained or placed in any kind of context, and people are left to assume that this is one more urban riot, one more youth rebellion against the crisis, like those in Greec...CONTINUE READING

Mass protests in Bosnia

Asmira Supuk Significant demonstrations have occurred across Bosnia and Herzegovina in recent weeks. On 5 February, thousands of workers, students and unemployed flocked to the northern city of Tuzla’s government building to protest the closure and privatisation of local factories. Demonstrators occupi...CONTINUE READING

Union lessons from the U.S. auto industry

Barry Sheppard In a closely-watched election, the United Autoworkers Union (UAW) recently attempted to break into the anti-union South to organise a Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The union lost the election in February among the plant’s 1,550 production workers, with 626 votes in favour and...CONTINUE READING


The scourge of the Asia Pacific

Kim Doyle In early 2013, the Australian Signals Directorate was spying on Indonesian officials involved in trade negotiations with the US. The private communications recorded were most likely relating to disputes over clove cigarettes and prawn exports. It’s hardly the stuff of international espiona...CONTINUE READING

Ukrainians Fighting for a Better Society

Translated by Sadia Schneider and Scott Barrasford In Kiev tens of thousands risk their lives to protect the Maiden from police aggression. A participant in the January protests, Socialist activist Ilya Budraitskis , argues that the left needs to be a stronger and more visible force in the movement. Ilya, you’re active in the “Socialist Mo...CONTINUE READING

You can’t glam up apartheid

Kostas Rologas Scarlett Johansson is the new face of apartheid. Her very public decision to quit Oxfam and continue her role as Sodastream’s “global brand ambassador” is appallingly racist. Here’s why. Sodastream operates a factory in the Mishor Adumim Industrial Zone, which is located on stolen Palestin...CONTINUE READING

It’s the other Oscars, and yet again the winner slips away

John Pilger It's celebrity time again. The Golden Globes have been, and the Oscars are coming. This is a “vintage year”, say Hollywood's hagiographers on cue. It isn't. Most movies are made to a formula for the highest return, money-fuelled by marketing and something called celebrity. This is differen...CONTINUE READING