The end of the Arctic?

James Plested The Arctic is warming faster than anywhere else in the world. If current trends continue, the Arctic Ocean could be completely ice-free in summer by the late 2030s. This may be a boon for big business – think new shipping routes and vast reserves of previously inaccessible oil, gas and oth...CONTINUE READING

Evaluating the French elections

Eric Le Roy The recent French presidential elections have captured the attention of the world’s media. Aside from last year’s US elections, few elections in recent memory have attracted so much attention, commentary and anticipation. In France, the stakes were high. Marine Le Pen of the fascist Nation...CONTINUE READING

The fightback begins in France

Josh Lees Tens of thousands of Parisians took to the streets on 8 May, the first day of Emmanuel Macron’s presidency. The protest was an impressive opening salvo from the left in what is sure to be a bitter struggle against Macron’s neoliberal agenda. Macron, who tried to present himself during the...CONTINUE READING

The Palestinian prisoners’ revolt

Ramzy Baroud Gaza is the world’s largest open air prison. The West Bank is a prison, too, segmented into various wards, known as areas A, B and C. In fact, all Palestinians are subjected to varied degrees of military restrictions. At some level, they are all prisoners. East Jerusalem is cut off from th...CONTINUE READING

Trump’s plan to make the rich even richer

Nicole Colson Everyone knew it was coming. And we knew it would be bad. The question was: how bad would the Trump tax cut program be once it was unveiled? The answer: really bad. Rushing to announce his plan before the end of his first 100 days in office, the one-page bullet point plan released by the W...CONTINUE READING

Marine Le Pen and the global far right threat

Corey Oakley Much as the defenders of the centre may wish and proclaim it, defeat for Marine Le Pen in the second round of the French presidential election will not put an end to the crisis of legitimacy of the neoliberal order. Nor will it signal an end to the frightening rise of the far right across...CONTINUE READING

Understanding the French elections

Darren Roso The 23 April first round French presidential election revealed the political effects of inequality and attacks on social welfare, with the electoral routing of the Socialist and Republican parties. Neither made it through to this weekend’s second round. Between them, the traditional partie...CONTINUE READING

Combating fascism in France

John Mullen The 7 May second round of the French presidential elections is between Emmanuel Macron, a neoliberal who has already declared his intentions to continue tearing up labour protection laws, and Marine Le Pen, leader of the fascist National Front (FN). It is hardly an envious situation for an...CONTINUE READING

Trump’s march through the institutions

Corey Oakley When I spoke with Joel Geier a week or so after Donald Trump’s inauguration, he told me, “It’s a 1950s McCarthyite administration meeting a 1960s protest movement in open combat. Every day is extraordinary, totally unexpected chaos – politics exploding in unimaginable ways”. This was the t...CONTINUE READING