Israel slaughters Palestinians marching to return

Israeli occupation forces killed 58 Palestinians in Gaza on Monday as tens of thousands protested along the eastern perimeter of the territory. Monday’s death toll is likely to climb higher as 70 were in critical condition and Gaza hospitals struggled to triage the staggering number of cas...CONTINUE READING

Comey given the kid gloves while the FBI is exalted

Barry Sheppard The former head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), James Comey, is on a tour promoting his new book, which attacks Trump. He is being given the kid gloves treatment. The Democrats, their supporters in the mass media and most self-styled “progressives” are on a drive to whitewash...CONTINUE READING

Will Trump set off the Middle East powder keg?

Ashley Smith After a weeklong Twitter storm of threats from Donald Trump, the US government, in alliance with Britain and France, launched air strikes against Syria late on 13 April. This mainly symbolic display of military might will intensify geopolitical conflicts in the region and internationally,...CONTINUE READING

It’s not just Facebook – surveillance is the business model of the internet

Michael Kandelaars Twenty-five years ago, the New Yorker published a cartoon that became the most republished in the magazine’s history. It depicts a canine sitting at a computer, looking down at its friend, a smaller pooch, and saying, “On the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog”. It captured well the reali...CONTINUE READING

The scale of the global crisis demands a radical response

Corey Oakley It is increasingly a truism that, around the world, politics is being reshaped at an extraordinary pace. In the West, ongoing stagnant or declining living standards, alongside grinding austerity and the gutting of what remains of social welfare, have combined with the massive accumulation...CONTINUE READING

The spirit of May ’68 on display in France today 

Paul Giffard-Foret Sometimes a date makes history, something more significant than those countless missed opportunities in the calendar of workers’ struggle. That date, for reasons that are both specific and general, becomes an event, a catalyst and a link. On 22 March, the French public sector (nurses and d...CONTINUE READING

1 million march against gun violence

Barry Sheppard About 500,000 people, largely youth, demonstrated in Washington, DC, in late March, against the continued mass shootings at schools across the country. There were solidarity mobilisations with this “March for Our Lives”, totalling hundreds of thousands more in some 800 cities and towns. In...CONTINUE READING

Palestinians defiant in face of Israel’s latest massacre

Nick Everett Across the occupied territories, Palestinians are preparing for more protests demanding recognition of refugees’ right to return to their homeland and to the villages erased and ethnically cleansed by Israel in 1948. After an orgy of violence by Israeli occupation forces in Gaza, which kil...CONTINUE READING

Workers rebel in ‘Trump country’

Barry Sheppard An old lyric by early 20th century songwriter and labour activist Joe Hill goes: “There is power, there is power, when a band of working [people] stand, hand in hand!” A victorious strike by teachers in West Virginia, organised by rank and file teachers, 75 percent of whom are women, has d...CONTINUE READING