Workers in the occupied public broadcaster, ERT.

Greek workers occupy broadcaster

On 11 June, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras shut down the state broadcasting network, the ERT (the equivalent of Australia’s ABC). The ministerial decree, which left more than 2600 people without work, was an attempt by Samaras to assert his authority over the country and trample demo...CONTINUE READING

Turkey in revolt

Tom Gagné After a day filled with police violence against unarmed, peaceful occupiers and protesters, one of my old friends from high school, living near Taksim Square in Istanbul reported: “It’s midnight, and my street is alive. All the neighbours are leaning out their windows, stepping out on thei...CONTINUE READING

Manning's 'cruel and degrading' punishment

Barry Sheppard The court martial of Pfc Bradley Manning opened on 3 June and is expected to last 12 weeks. The courageous US soldier leaked a large trove of classified material documenting US war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, diplomatic cables exposing Washington’s machinations in the Middle East and e...CONTINUE READING

Big brother really is watching you

Andrew Cheeseman Have you ever had the feeling that the government is not listening to you? Well, you’re wrong. Do you have an account with Skype, Microsoft, Google, Hotmail, Yahoo or Apple? Do you ever call US mobile phones? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Big Brother is listening to you...CONTINUE READING

Dynamics of the Venezuelan revolution

Roberto Jorquera Since the death of Hugo Chavez Frias on 5 March, the Venezuelan capitalist opposition has gained confidence and been more forcibly advocating a counter-revolution. The renewed offensive by the opposition has created a scenario which raises the question of how stable and confident the Boliv...CONTINUE READING


Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is presented with the World Statesman Award by former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on May 30 in New York.

Indonesian president’s award an insult

James Balowski The Appeal of Conscience Foundation (ACF) – a US-based interfaith organisation of business leaders – presented Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono with the World Statesman Award in New York on 30 May, in “recognition of his work in supporting human rights and religious freedom”....CONTINUE READING

The role of secularism in Turkish politics

Michael Kandelaars The debate about secularism has a unique history in modern Turkey – one in which appeals to the secular tradition have been used by the military to crush the political left and Kurdish resistance. The defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War One resulted in a military invasion of its terr...CONTINUE READING