Reckoning is due after Afghanistan endgame

Jeff Sparrow The war in Afghanistan is approaching its end – and no-one in Australia seems to much care. Last week, Washington’s chief negotiator, Zalmay Khalilzad, announced a framework for peace, based upon a supposed Taliban commitment to prevent terrorist groups using the country as a base. That’s...CONTINUE READING

Ghosts at the borders

Jeff Sparrow An Australian politician doesn’t usually become immigration minister all at once. Generally, the portfolio takes some time to work its evil magic on new appointments. Think of the slow desiccation of Liberal moderate Philip Ruddock, transformed, over a period of years, into an animated cad...CONTINUE READING

A fascist by any other name

Jeff Sparrow The fascist United Patriots Front is not about to take state power, but just because it is a small fringe group doesn’t mean that it isn’t dangerous or that it can’t grow, writes Jeff Sparrow in an article for Eureka Street . ---------- The emergence of the fascist groupuscle the United Pa...CONTINUE READING

Popular resistance during WWII

Jeff Sparrow According to one count, the neoconservative ideologue Bill Kristol has written no fewer than 61 opinion pieces referencing the Munich agreement that prefaced the Second World War. In the lead-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, for instance, Kristol joined with all the other warmongers warnin...CONTINUE READING

The last time they turned back the boats

Jeff Sparrow Jeff Sparrow , author of Killing: Misadventures in violence , outlines the ugly parallels between the refugee crisis unfolding in the waters to Australia’s north, and the treatment of Jewish refugees by the West at the time of Hitler’s rise to power in Germany. This article first published...CONTINUE READING