The road that ate Sydney

Josh Lees Picture a giant pig wearing a top hat hovering over Sydney with its snout in a Macquarie Street trough, and the other end dumping a $40 billion, 33-kilometre pile of concrete on the western suburbs. That describes WestConnex, Australia’s largest infrastructure project, smashing its way thr...CONTINUE READING

What’s left in the ALP?

Josh Lees With a Bill Shorten ALP government likely to take office this year, will any opposition come from Labor’s left to the party’s right wing policies? Don’t count on it. Last year ended with the ALP national conference in Adelaide. With the Liberals in crisis, and with an election-winning lead...CONTINUE READING

The dirty truth about pollution

Josh Lees In 1845, Friedrich Engels wrote, “These east and north-east sides of Manchester are the only ones on which the bourgeoisie has not built, because ten or eleven months of the year the west and south-west wind drives the smoke of all the factories hither, and that the working people alone ma...CONTINUE READING

One of the best protests in years as hundreds blockade Liberal fundraiser

Josh Lees In (actual) Armani suits and pearls they came. Struggling with the unfamiliar surrounds of Redfern, and many making the mistake of having their chauffeurs drop them off before they knew what awaited them; they looked shocked and a little lost. Cashed-up Liberals, doing their bit to boost t...CONTINUE READING
Greens leader Richard Di Natale (L) with senator Lee Rhiannon

Greens leaders move to purge the left

Josh Lees The Australian Greens have lobbed a grenade into their New South Wales branch in a dramatic escalation of the more right wing leadership’s long-running campaign to purge the left wing of the party. The Australian Greens party room, comprising the 10 federal parliamentarians, announced in a...CONTINUE READING

The fightback begins in France

Josh Lees Tens of thousands of Parisians took to the streets on 8 May, the first day of Emmanuel Macron’s presidency. The protest was an impressive opening salvo from the left in what is sure to be a bitter struggle against Macron’s neoliberal agenda. Macron, who tried to present himself during the...CONTINUE READING

The fight to save Saeed

Josh Lees A desperate fight is being undertaken by refugee activists around Australia to stop the government deporting a man to extreme danger. Saeed is a 60-year-old stateless refugee from a persecuted minority in Iraq, who faces imminent danger if he is returned there. The head of his village was...CONTINUE READING

Dehumanising Human Services – literally

Josh Lees “Our vision is that in the future when you first interact with DHS [Department of Human Services], it’s with a virtual assistant: you outline your circumstance – I’ve just lost my job, my mother has died, I’ve just been kicked out of home – so the virtual assistant will need to be able to...CONTINUE READING

‘We’ve created a revolution in the Northern Beaches’ – Victory at Harrison

Josh Lees, Kate Doherty After 17 days on strike, workers at Harrison Manufacturing, in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, are celebrating a hard-fought victory. As previously reported in Red Flag , the key issue of the strike was union representation. An increasingly nasty and bullying management was refusing to allow wo...CONTINUE READING