Protesters confront homophobic Tele

April Holcombe Cries of “Shame, Murdoch, Shame!” could be heard at lunchtime outside the Daily Telegraph offices. A large rainbow was chalked on the pavement around the entrance. On 12 July, the Sydney newspaper had published infographics on its front page about a new “health crisis” for young people, re...CONTINUE READING

NSW universities on the attack against students and staff

April Holcombe Sydney University’s 2016-20 Strategic Plan is well under way. Course cuts, job losses and more expensive degrees are all vice chancellor Michael Spence dreams about. The plan is to amalgamate 16 faculties into six, cut 122 degree options to 20 and mess with degree structures in myriad ways...CONTINUE READING

Why we are fighting for free education

April Holcombe Higher education in Australia has never been in worse shape. Government funding is low by OECD standards, class sizes have ballooned and Centrelink payments are 50 percent below the poverty line. International students pay upfront fees of tens of thousands of dollars and often work for les...CONTINUE READING

Health workers protest against hospital privatisations in NSW

April Holcombe The central coast of NSW has a reputation as being a sleepy string of suburbs between Sydney and Newcastle. Perhaps Mike Baird thought so too, expecting no blowback after his state government announced the sell-off of Wyong Hospital. If so, he was wrong. The NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Associ...CONTINUE READING

Fight to stop WestConnex escalates

April Holcombe It’s clear from a quick glance that this blockade means business: dozens of tents, a rolling roster of volunteers for all hours of the day, a huge spread of fresh fruit and tinned everything. The campers are angry locals and community activists fighting to keep Sydney Park off the hit list...CONTINUE READING

Exposing the con in WestConnex

April Holcombe Just what Sydney needs: more tolls, more traffic, more money for big business. The NSW government’s WestConnex project is steamrolling ahead despite widespread opposition. WestConnex will add 33 kilometres to Sydney’s roads over the next seven years. To pay for it, the government is contin...CONTINUE READING

Gender and capitalism

April Holcombe “Is it a boy or a girl?” Before we take our first breath, society sets out a path that we must follow. Before we know our own name, others presume to know a whole lot about us. If our parents don’t know already, the midwife will glance down between our tiny legs and immediately assign a se...CONTINUE READING

Sydney University: deregulation by stealth

April Holcombe Just before Christmas, staff of the University of Sydney received an email announcing massive cutbacks to the university’s degree structure. The so-called Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 has been described as “traumatic” by its architect, vice-chancellor Michael Spence. Spence claims that stu...CONTINUE READING

The people destroying our way of life

April Holcombe They are the home-grown threat that we’re all worried about. For decades, they have hated our freedoms. Where they could, they trod on them with impunity. They refuse to assimilate or respect our way of life. Instead, they seek to subject us to their radical agenda. It’s only a tiny minori...CONTINUE READING