The fight against Adani continues

Jasmine Duff As the burning of coal raises atmospheric carbon dioxide to new heights and new chunks of the Earth are hacked up to extract more coal, death by air pollution is becoming another feature of capitalist society. In 2010-11, approximately 80-115,000 people were killed in India alone by pollut...CONTINUE READING

The ‘exciting new world of work’ is a sick joke for most millenials

Jasmine Duff According to a bunch of CEOs and business owners, millennials have entered a new, exciting phase of capitalism. Gone are the days of scraping by on welfare and working part time on less than the award to make ends meet: we’ve entered an era when the world is “literally” at our fingertips a...CONTINUE READING

Labour hire warehouse workers fight a corporate giant

Jasmine Duff AB Oxford Cold Storage is a monster of a place. Located in the heart of Melbourne’s industrial west, it’s the biggest cold storage warehouse in Australia and ranks among the largest in the southern hemisphere. It employs 21 people. To run the warehouse properly, in fact to run it at all, t...CONTINUE READING

Juvenile incarceration is the real outrage

Jasmine Duff For 18 hours last weekend, kids in Parkville prison tried to take something back for their own, to tear down some of the fences that keep them in. They made their way onto the roof of the facility they’d been shoved in, escaping – briefly – the disgusting conditions of the concrete block b...CONTINUE READING

Blackmail charges against CFMEU officials should be struck out

Jasmine Duff In the latest development in the government’s campaign against unions, charges against CFMEU heads John Setka and Shaun Reardon could be struck out by the Magistrates’ Court. The two face up to 15 years in prison over the escalation of a dispute with infamous construction firm Grocon. Setk...CONTINUE READING

Uni students, staff launch campaign to defend family from deportation

Jasmine Duff After living and working in Australia for nine years, Monash University academic Biswajit Banik and his family have been told to get packing. The immigration department has refused the family’s application for permanent residency on the basis that their 12-year old son – who has an autism...CONTINUE READING

Refugee activist in court over delayed Qantas flight

Jasmine Duff A Tamil asylum seeker is forced aboard a plane in Melbourne. There is nothing to indicate to other passengers that the people beside the 25-year-old man are security guards, the restraints being hidden with their carry-on luggage. He is being deported by the Australian government to Sri La...CONTINUE READING

Disability workers protest Labor’s broken promise

Jasmine Duff Health and Community Services Union (HACSU) members protested on 4 February against the proposed privatisation of disability services by the Victorian Labor government. The government’s announcement that public disability services will be put out to tender is a complete reversal of its pre...CONTINUE READING

Packaging factory workers wrap up strike with a win

Jasmine Duff Workers at a packaging factory in Melbourne’s west have won most of their demands after launching an indefinite strike. The open-ended strike, which started on 10 November, was the first such action at VIP Packaging in more than a decade. It followed two full-day stoppages on 28 October an...CONTINUE READING