Macron, Yellow Vests and the class struggle in France

John Mullen As the Yellow Vest movement in France continues its novel and inspiring revolt, president Emmanuel Macron could not help expressing his class disdain for ordinary people: at a gala speech on 11 January, he declared: “Too many French people don’t know the meaning of the word ‘effort’. That’...CONTINUE READING

Ghosts of Christmas present: Macron’s ongoing Yellow Vest nightmare

John Mullen Act Five for the popular Yellow Vest revolt against poverty in France came on 15 December – but it was not the finale. The movement remains vibrant and determined, especially in big southern towns such as Toulouse and Bordeaux. Its effects are considerable, with pre-Christmas commerce heav...CONTINUE READING

The Yellow Vest movement strengthens in France

John Mullen It is hard to count demonstrators spread out across thousands of mobilisations, but it seems that over half a million people were involved in “Act Four” of the Yellow Vest mobilisation in France on Saturday 8 December. In Bordeaux, a huge joint demonstration between university students and...CONTINUE READING

Combating fascism in France

John Mullen The 7 May second round of the French presidential elections is between Emmanuel Macron, a neoliberal who has already declared his intentions to continue tearing up labour protection laws, and Marine Le Pen, leader of the fascist National Front (FN). It is hardly an envious situation for an...CONTINUE READING

Marine Le Pen and the dangers of fascism in France

John Mullen Fascist National Front (FN) leader Marine Le Pen will likely win the first round of the French presidential elections on 23 April. She will probably lose in the second round of voting on 7 May, but with well over 30 percent of the ballots – double the level her father and party founder, Je...CONTINUE READING

Elections in France: Hollande, the fascists and the fightback

John Mullen The French presidential elections will take place in two rounds, on 23 April and 7 May 2017. Anyone who can get supporting signatures of 500 elected officials (from among the 47,000 in France) can stand in the first round. The two who receive the highest number of votes go on to the run-of...CONTINUE READING

‘Beach secularism’ fuels racism in France

John Mullen From French politics being a source of tremendous inspiration three months ago, as millions joined the inventive and powerful battles against a vicious labour law, it has now become a source of anger and incomprehension around the world. Photos of armed French police ordering a French Musl...CONTINUE READING

Class struggle in France: a temporary stalemate

John Mullen There is a high level of class anger, an explosion of creative fighting tactics and a very deep crisis in social democracy in France. Thursday 23 June was the 11th day of action against the government’s vicious employment bill. Masses around the country showed continuing determination not...CONTINUE READING

France: strikes and blockades against savage labour law

John Mullen One of France’s leading weekly news magazines in April ran the headline: “The CGT brings back class struggle”. On morning TV on 24 May, Socialist Party president François Hollande was insisting, sweating, “The situation is quite different from that of 1968”! Through April and May, millions...CONTINUE READING