What Marxists say about religious freedom

Mick Armstrong Defence of religious freedom is the war cry of No campaigners. It is a cynical attempt by the likes of Tony Abbott, John Howard, Eric Abetz and Cory Bernardi to divert the debate away from the core issue of the democratic right of same sex couples to be married in a civil ceremony. Civil m...CONTINUE READING

George Orwell’s nightmare is becoming a reality

Mick Armstrong It is bad enough when Malcolm Turnbull, in yet another attempt to outflank Tony Abbott to the right, exploits hysteria about the supposed terrorist threat to introduce a further round of police state laws. It is even more appalling when we have the supposedly left wing Victorian Labor prem...CONTINUE READING

Australian politicians back Trump’s unhinged nuclear threats

Mick Armstrong We are facing the greatest threat of nuclear war since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis: a nuclear war that would make the terrible destruction the US wreaked on the defenceless populations of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki seem like a kindergarten affair. What is the response...CONTINUE READING

Chinese influence peddling is amateur hour compared to the US

Mick Armstrong Would you believe it? Wealthy Chinese businesspeople and the Chinese government bribe Australian politicians, try to influence community leaders, solicit favourable media coverage, intimidate Chinese international students and democratic rights advocates and engage in spying. A special Fai...CONTINUE READING

The bankruptcy of Merkel’s liberal cheer squad

Mick Armstrong The liberal press are hailing German chancellor Angela Merkel as the champion of the “free world”, a defender of civilisation against the barbarian hordes led by Donald Trump. In a paean for Merkel, the Guardian ’s Suzanne Moore wrote, “Theatrics don’t interest her but there is a vision, a...CONTINUE READING

The Catholic Church has done more damage than ISIS

Mick Armstrong Cardinal George Pell and his supporters, such as Tony Abbott, claim that the latest police investigations into allegations of child sexual abuse are part of an ongoing witch-hunt against him. It is true that the Catholic church, and in particular Pell, have received a bucketing in sections...CONTINUE READING

Corbyn’s UK Labour must take the fight to Tories

Mick Armstrong Britain’s Conservative prime minister Theresa May has called a snap election for 8 June to capitalise on the Tories’ decisive lead in the opinion polls and a severely divided and demoralised Labour opposition. May hopes that an overwhelming victory will strengthen her hand to push through...CONTINUE READING

How workers won penalty rates

Mick Armstrong The Turnbull government’s backing of the Fair Work Commission’s decision to slash penalty rates for Sunday and public holiday work is the latest round in a long battle over a key working condition. The struggle for decent penalty rates in Australia goes back at least as far as the campaign...CONTINUE READING

In Trump’s USA, socialism is in the air

Mick Armstrong It is very dangerous times in the USA, with Trump and his coterie of alt-right reactionaries, headed by Steve Bannon, ensconced in the White House. But it is not all doom and despair. The US is not simply an appalling sea of reaction. It is an increasingly polarised society in which increa...CONTINUE READING