Nick Everett
WA public sector workers fight back
Nick Everett

Western Australian public sector workers will rally at the state parliament on 17 August to demand that wages keep up with the cost of living. The rally, organised by the Public Sector Alliance of nine trade unions, follows several stop-work rallies held at WA hospitals over the last month, involving thousands of health workers.

West's hypocrisy on Ukraine
Nick Everett

It seems resistance to foreign invasion and occupation, along with sanctions and other measures targeting countries guilty of mounting such invasions, are good after all. Only the target must be an enemy of the West like Russia, and not a Western client and ally like Israel.

This is a law of liars and thieves
Jacqueline Blackburn

After a three-week trial, a Western Australian police officer last month was acquitted of the murder and manslaughter of 29-year-old Yamatji Wajarri woman JC.* It took the jury, with no First Nations peers, just three hours to reach its verdict.

Perth homelessness
Nick Everett

The night of 17 June was bitterly cold. A 38-year-old Noongar mother of six, Alana Garlett, laid out her swag in front of Wesley Church, in Perth’s CBD, as she had done every night for years. When ambulance officers came to her aid early the next morning, Alana was having trouble breathing. She was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital, where she died soon after.

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