Political correctness and the rise of the right: an interview with Jeff Sparrow

Roz Ward Trump, Brexit, One Nation: can you comment on the context of the book and why you decided something like this needed to be written? The honest answer is that I was asked to write something reflecting on Trump by my then editor at Scribe. In the immediate wake of the 2016 presidential elect...CONTINUE READING

The first Communist in parliament 

Roz Ward In his maiden speech to the Queensland parliament in 1944, Australia’s only Communist MP left no room for doubt about what distinguished him from the self-serving cretins who usually inhabit the halls of power: “So far as I am concerned, in this house I represent and stand clearly for one...CONTINUE READING

Barnaby Joyce’s ‘family values’ failings are fair game

Roz Ward Maybe I’m just a jealous feminist (not to mention lesbian). Perhaps I have a bitter need to deny happiness to a couple that have simply found love through an office romance and pregnancy. No, I’m not jealous, I’m angry. I could care less about the moral virtue of Barnaby Joyce’s sex life....CONTINUE READING

I know what it's like to be the target of a Murdoch pack-attack

Roz Ward “We have not organised this to change the date. We have organised this to abolish Australia Day because fuck Australia … I hope it fucking burns to the ground”, Tarneen Onus-Williams told a cheering crowd at Melbourne’s Invasion Day rally. The protesters were fired up, and so were the spea...CONTINUE READING

Protesting union busting at Victoria University

Roz Ward “What’s disgusting? Union busting” was the most popular chant at a protest outside Victoria University’s Melbourne city campus on 2 November. The action, organised by the National Tertiary Education Union, was called to coincide with a meeting of the University Council, the body responsibl...CONTINUE READING

‘Now is the time to join the struggle against racism’

Roz Ward “People in the US were stunned that white supremacists with their hoods off were bold enough and willing to march through Charlottesville, Virginia”, Haley Pessin tells me. “Trump’s response to the events was that much more shocking because he initially refused to denounce white supremacy....CONTINUE READING

Tertiary education union joins global condemnation of Trump

Roz Ward Since Donald Trump’s racist immigration ban was announced, more than 5,000 academics from around the world have pledged to boycott conferences held in the US while the ban persists. A further 27,000 academics have signed a mass petition against the decree. The signatories include 51 Nobel...CONTINUE READING

Sexist text messages are the least of Peter Dutton’s crimes

Roz Ward When immigration minister Peter Dutton mistakenly sent a text message to a female journalist, Samantha Maiden, describing her as a “mad fucking witch”, the condemnations and demands for his resignation flowed thick and fast. Protesters gathered outside Dutton’s electoral office in Brisbane...CONTINUE READING

Soccer players’ defiance pays off

Roz Ward The Matildas made history as the first Australian national sports team ever to go on strike. They are also the best performing soccer team Australia has ever had. Yet these female professional athletes have only ever been paid less than the minimum wage, and are regularly asked to train fu...CONTINUE READING