A history of the culture wars

Tess Lee Ack Australia has an active and influential right wing movement, despite having one of the strongest social democratic movements in the world. Inciting racism against refugees, Indigenous people, African youth and others is their stock in trade, as is promoting “family values” and opposing mar...CONTINUE READING

Merry hell at Merri Health

Tess Lee Ack “When community health is under attack, what do we do?” “Stand up, fight back!” The chant rang out at a lively rally by allied health workers and supporters at Merri Health, a community health centre in Melbourne’s inner north, on 29 June. Merri Health is one of 29 such centres in Victoria...CONTINUE READING

Our cities are choking, but immigration is not the problem 

Tess Lee Ack Our cities are under enormous pressure. As the population grows, the shortcomings of our infrastructure become more and more apparent. We sit for extended periods in a car park otherwise known as a freeway, or wait ages for inadequate public transport. Decent affordable accommodation is ge...CONTINUE READING

Ron Walker shouldn’t get a state funeral

Tess Lee Ack Ron Walker will forever be associated with two major blights on the Melbourne landscape: the Formula 1 Grand Prix and Crown Casino. Walker made a fortune out of each, and his mates at the big end of town continue to do so. Disgracefully, Victorian taxpayers, who largely foot the bill for t...CONTINUE READING

Missed opportunity to tackle teacher workloads in Vic deal

Manolya Moustafa, Tess Lee Ack Victorian teachers and school support staff stand to make fairly modest gains in the new industrial agreement between the Australian Education Union (AEU) and the Labor government. It is hardly the “great win” claimed by branch president Meredith Peace. Teachers and support staff will get...CONTINUE READING

How Pauline Hanson was stopped

Tess Lee Ack Pauline Hanson burst onto the political scene in the federal election of March 1996. Over the next few years, she attempted to mobilise and lead a racist movement that targeted Indigenous people and immigrants, particularly Asians. As the Liberal candidate for the Queensland seat of Oxley,...CONTINUE READING

When the left ‘uphold the right’

Tess Lee Ack The battle between Labor and the Greens for control of inner city seats in Melbourne and Sydney has resulted in a great deal of vitriol over the last few years. The Labor left consider the rise of the Greens a particular outrage because, in its view, Labor is the rightful home of all left...CONTINUE READING

Attacks on Goodes are racism, plain and simple

Tess Lee Ack Interest declared: I’m a life-long, third generation Swans supporter. But you don’t have to be a one-eyed Sydney fan to be sickened by the outpouring of racist vitriol in response to Adam Goodes’ “war cry” dance in the match against Carlton on 29 May. Whenever you hear or read the words “I...CONTINUE READING

Teachers urged to dob in ‘radicalised’ students

Tess Lee Ack Anyone concerned about rapidly disappearing civil rights would have been alarmed and disgusted on reading an article headed “Teachers urged to report concerns on radicalised students” in the Sunday Age on 12 October. In an initiative that can only feed into the current climate of Islamopho...CONTINUE READING