Sri Lanka rewards its war criminals

Trevor Grant The elaborate public façade carefully constructed by new president Maithripala Sirisena, with the hidden assistance of India and the US, is crumbling by the day, revealing the discomforting truth that Sri Lanka remains a brutal regime dominated by a military mindset. The civil war may have...CONTINUE READING

Genocide ravages the Tamils as the world turns a blind eye

Trevor Grant Journalist and advocate Trevor Grant details the ongoing genocide against the Tamil population within the Sri Lankan state, and the complicity of Western governments, in an article first published at . ---------- When the eminent international jurist Raphael Lemkin intro...CONTINUE READING

Human cargo amid Tamil genocide

Trevor Grant As an Australian prison ship bobbed on the high seas for more than five weeks, its desperate, vulnerable human cargo of 157 people, almost all of them Tamils, locked up for 21 hours a day in the stinking, windowless hull, the government was fighting to stop these asylum seekers from access...CONTINUE READING

Abbott goes it alone at CHOGM

Trevor Grant As Tony Abbott arrived in Colombo to attend CHOGM and to pay homage to a brutal dictatorship, his leaky boat diplomacy was fast taking on water. Abbott is a desperate man, his regional foreign policy driven by a domestic political slogan. “Stop the boats” is what he lives for. Any way will...CONTINUE READING

The new inequality

Trevor Grant Labor MP Andrew Leigh’s latest book Battlers and billionaires: the story of inequality in Australia has reproduced some powerful facts from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which condemn the system under which we live. Since 1975, wages for the lowest paid workers have risen 15 percent...CONTINUE READING

From asylum to Ashes

Trevor Grant Australian cricket’s six-year search for the next Shane Warne has gone through a conga line of promising prospects who disappear as quickly as they emerge. Fawad Ahmed, 31, an asylum seeker from Pakistan, is the latest leg spinner to have this crushing burden thrust upon him. He’s no Warne...CONTINUE READING

Refugees fear deportation

Trevor Grant For newly arrived Christmas Island asylum seekers, many of whom have endured life-threatening journeys, the fear and trepidation do not end when they reach land. The fear of drowning on the high seas, dying of thirst or being eaten by sharks is nothing compared to the pre-dawn knock on the...CONTINUE READING