The fight for abortion rights in Argentina 

Priya De In Argentina, abortions are legal only if a pregnant person’s life is deemed to be in danger, or if a pregnancy can be proved to be the result of rape. As a result, between 350,000 and 500,000 women undergo illegal abortions each year. Between 45,000 and 65,000 are hospitalised annually du...CONTINUE READING

Palestinians strike against racist law

Nick Everett Palestinians across the occupied territories and Israel observed a general strike on 1 October in protest against Israel’s Jewish Nation-State Law, adopted by the Knesset (parliament) in July. The strike coincided with a bitter fight to resist Israel’s planned demolition of West Bank Bedou...CONTINUE READING

Argentina rocked by general strike

Sean Edwardes Argentina ground to a halt on 24 and 25 September under the weight of a massive general strike. Concurrent national stoppages were called by the nation’s union movement in protest at the falling value of the Argentine peso, spiralling inflation and government austerity, all of which are be...CONTINUE READING

Are the Democrats becoming the #1 party of the US establishment?

Ben Hillier Of the many happenings in the 2016 US presidential elections, one has often been overlooked: Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s extraordinary gains among upper middle and ruling class white voters. Party strategists wagered that positioning Clinton as the prime defender of the establis...CONTINUE READING

Why Swedish neo-Nazis are growing

Tom Gilchrist Sweden has become the latest country in Europe to face a far right insurgency at the polls. The Sweden Democrats, a party with neo-Nazi roots, won 17.6 percent of the vote in the 9 September general elections, making them the third largest party in the Swedish parliament. That a far right...CONTINUE READING

Trump ratchets up attack on immigrant children 

Barry Sheppard While the plight of children of asylum seekers separated from their parents fades from the news, hundreds remain incarcerated and still not reunited. Of these, some 400 are children of parents already deported. There is little chance these families will be reunited soon. Possibly they neve...CONTINUE READING

Right on the march in Germany

Eric Le Roy Mass demonstrations and riots by the far right in the German city of Chemnitz in August have sent shockwaves around the world. Scenes of thousands of protesters, many giving Nazi salutes, marching through the historic city attacking people of colour and clashing with counter protesters hav...CONTINUE READING

The fight for marriage equality in Taiwan

Josh Kamil When gay activist Chi Chia-Wei stepped into the Taipei District Court in 1986 demanding the notarisation of his marriage licence, he was thrown out and not long after imprisoned for several months on a trumped-up burglary charge. Even before this, Chia-Wei had done the truly unthinkable. H...CONTINUE READING

US prisoners strike against slave labour

Barry Sheppard Prisoners in many states in the US began a national strike on 21 August, the anniversary of the murder of Black Panther member George Jackson by guards in 1971 at San Quentin prison, California. The strike will end on 9 September, the anniversary of the great prison uprising at Attica, New...CONTINUE READING