Corruption and bigotry: welcome to another Olympic Games

Alex Chklovski The Winter Olympics in Sochi may have the dubious honour of being the most corrupt and expensive Olympics in history. At $51 billion, it exceeds the cost of all previous Winter Olympics combined. Some of the money went towards building infrastructure that could make real the brilliant idea...CONTINUE READING

Growing inequality and environmental destruction

Barry Sheppard President Obama’s 31 January State of the Union address highlighted growing inequality in the US. In it he also pledged to take steps to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. What has the Obama administration done recently on both counts? Less aid It agreed to a new budget that won’t...CONTINUE READING


Tribunal condemns Sri Lankan genocide against Eelam Tamils

Helen Jarvis The ongoing genocide against the Eelam Tamils by the Sri Lankan state is finally attracting condemnation – both internationally and, more significantly, within Sri Lanka. On 27 January the Northern Provincial Council (the elected regional authority of the north and east of the island) adop...CONTINUE READING


Jakarta accused of ‘hijacking’ MSG mission to West Papua

James Balowski Up to 30 activists were arrested during the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) visit to the West Papua provincial capital of Jayapura on 13 January. Supporters of West Papuan independence say the visit was hijacked by Jakarta to thwart the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation (WPNCL)...CONTINUE READING

The fire of revolution still burns

Eric Ruder Gilbert Achcar is an expert in the Middle East and author of The people want: a radical exploration of the Arab uprising . He will be speaking at Marxism 2014 Conference in Melbourne 17-20 April. The following is an edited transcript of a discussion Achcar had with ’s E...CONTINUE READING


Reactionary protests in Thailand call for suspension of democracy

Liam Ward Since the 2006 military coup that deposed elected Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, Thailand has seemed to lurch from one moment of crisis to the next. In recent weeks, the situation has escalated dramatically, with anti-democratic protests blocking the city, and Prime Minister Yingluck S...CONTINUE READING

Drop the charges against Snowden!

Barry Sheppard Division continues to deepen in US and international ruling circles about what to do about the revelations of NSA spying. A 17 January speech by President Obama, which was supposed to move the discussion forward, was a flop; polls indicate it didn’t change anyone’s mind. Obama gave his usu...CONTINUE READING

World Economic Forum, 'missionaries for freer trade’

Ben Hillier Prior to World War Two, the Swiss municipality of Davos was known for its sanatoriums. Thomas Mann wrote of the “narrowness of this charmed circle of isolation” produced by the seclusion of the mountain infirmary. “It is a sort of substitute existence”, he observed, “and it can, in a relat...CONTINUE READING


Korean railway strike: what’s at stake?

Clive Tillman On 31 December, thousands of Korean railway workers returned to work after a three-week strike against government plans to set up a subsidiary company to operate a Korean Train express (KTX) service in competition with the state run Korail. It was the longest railway strike in South Korean...CONTINUE READING