Keeping us in the dark on free trade

John Passant So you haven’t heard about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement? This is not surprising since it is being negotiated in secret. So afraid is the Australian government of its citizens knowing details about what is being negotiated that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade ba...CONTINUE READING


Indonesia’s labour movement stirs

Max Lane Widespread strikes and worker protests took place in many Indonesian town and cities on 31 October and 1 November. On the first day of the strike, the Indonesian police stated that they had noted actions in 50 towns and cities in 15 provinces. The protesters had three main demands: a 50 pe...CONTINUE READING

The origins of the Tea Party

Barry Sheppard The Tea Party takes its name from an incident in 1773, when a group of revolutionary-minded citizens in Boston boarded a British ship carrying tea from India and threw the cargo into the harbour. This event, which became known as the Boston Tea Party, directly led to the US Revolution of 1...CONTINUE READING


What future for Fukushima?

David McNeill and Miguel Quintana Across much of Fukushima’s rolling green countryside they descend on homes like antibodies around a virus, men wielding low-tech tools against a very modern enemy: radiation. Power hoses, shovels and mechanical diggers are used to scour toxins that rained down from the sky nearly 31 months...CONTINUE READING


The genocide in West Papua

The world renowned Asian Human Rights Commission accuses Indonesia of systematic genocide in West Papua, after publishing a highly extensive report (“The Neglected Genocide – Human Rights abuses against Papuans in the Central Highlands, 1977 – 1978”) of the rape, torture and murder of more...CONTINUE READING

A bipartisan attack on living standards

Barry Sheppard Concerning the last minute deal in Congress to avert a default, Gail Collins, a New York Times columnist, wrote, “Well, um, yippie. Wow. Congress has decided it won’t trigger a global financial crisis out of pure pique. Can’t get any better than that.” Much could be written about the antic...CONTINUE READING

Debating Syria

Sam King and Corey Oakley Red Flag has been a strong supporter of the uprising in Syria, a stance that is controversial. Sam King and Corey Oakley debate some of the issues. Is there a revolution in Syria? Sam King In Red Flag issue 9, Omar Hassan writes, “There is a widespread belief that the US is desperate to ov...CONTINUE READING

US government shutdown and default threat

Barry Sheppard In the present situation of bitter recriminations between the Democrats and Republicans over the partial shutdown of the government and the Republican threat of forcing a US government debt default, it is easy to forget what their policies have in common. Both have intervened to protect th...CONTINUE READING


Renewed calls for Indonesian military reform

James Balowski While rights groups have welcomed the conviction last month of 12 soldiers from the army’s notorious Special Forces (Kopassus) for the murder of four civilians in March, lenient sentences and a failure to investigate senior officers have led to renewed calls for military reform. In the ear...CONTINUE READING