Yes to revolution, no to intervention!

We Stand Behind the Syrian People's Revolution - No to Foreign Intervention Joint statement by Revolutionary Socialists (Egypt) - Revolutionary Left Current (Syria) - Union of Communists (Iraq) - Al-Mounadil-a (Morocco) - Socialist Forum (Lebanon) Over 150 thousand were killed, hundreds of...CONTINUE READING

Manning and Snowden have changed the discussion

Barry Sheppard When Edward Snowden gave his first public interview in Hong Kong, he said his greatest fear was the possibility that his revelations would fall on deaf ears. Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning and Snowden have paid a steep price for their revelations of the war crimes and massive violation...CONTINUE READING

Counter-revolution and myths of foreign plots

Sameh Naguib Counter­revolutions and military coups have always played the “foreign conspiracy” card to create distrust and label anyone who opposes them a traitor. The foreign threat creates a state of national hysteria that the regime exploits to cover up its crimes and justify repression. It is no s...CONTINUE READING


Indonesian unions divided on next steps

Sherr Rinn During July and August, the Indonesian government firmed up its resistance to any further large increases in the minimum wage. Regulations are to ensure that wage increases don’t exceed companies’ “capacity to pay”. The regulatory offensive is meant to consolidate a several months long cou...CONTINUE READING

Putin’s homophobic crackdown

Alex Chklovski A state-sponsored wave of homophobic terror and repression is sweeping Russia. The extent of the brutality and viciousness of the attacks are staggering. The Russian government has passed a raft of highly discriminatory laws. In June, a 100-year ban on gay rights parades was instituted in...CONTINUE READING

The courage of Bradley Manning

John Pilger The critical moment in the political trial of the century was on 28 February when Bradley Manning stood and explained why he had risked his life to leak tens of thousands of official files. It was a statement of morality, conscience and truth: the very qualities that distinguish human bein...CONTINUE READING

Fast food workers: ‘$7.25 is not enough’

Barry Sheppard Workers in fast food companies McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and others mobilised in the streets at the end of July in seven cities across the US. They are highlighting miserable wages and working conditions, and demanding the right to form unions in the virtuall...CONTINUE READING

Military trying to crush Egyptian revolution

Tom Bramble Nine hundred people have been killed in Egypt in the past week, the vast majority of them supporters of the former Muslim Brotherhood government led by President Morsi. Brotherhood supporters have been protesting in their tens of thousands demanding the reinstatement of Morsi, who was over...CONTINUE READING

Greece: SYRIZA leadership cracks down on the left

Mick Armstrong Greek workers have provided the most inspiring resistance to the sharp economic crisis that has rocked the capitalist heartlands of Europe and North America. Last month they staged their twenty-seventh general strike since the beginning of the austerity measures that are destroying million...CONTINUE READING