How to solve the climate crisis (while we still can)

James Plested The Arctic is melting. In the last week of February, in what should have been among the coldest days of a long, dark winter, the temperature at the North Pole rose above freezing. The Arctic sea ice, which should be expanding south for another month, is already in retreat. A weather statio...CONTINUE READING

What happened to Bernie Sanders?

Mick Armstrong It is easy to despair about Donald Trump’s America. The most reactionary president in modern US history has survived more than a year in office and maintains a significant base of support. Surrounded by a sea of far right and semi-fascist advisers, Trump pumps out vile tweets threatening n...CONTINUE READING

How do socialists take on gun fundamentalism?

Danny Katch “Enough is enough.” “The time for change is now.” “Never again.” These are some of the signs that have appeared at the protests that erupted since the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Their gut-wrenching urgency shows how deeply this nightmare has affected American politics. But do wh...CONTINUE READING

Get Palestinian children out of military detention

Nick Everett “I had barely fallen asleep when I woke to find an armed Israeli soldier hovering over my bed. He told me to get up quickly and put on a jacket. Half asleep, I was handcuffed, thrown into an army jeep, and taken to be interrogated. They had already taken my 16-year-old cousin, Ahed, the ni...CONTINUE READING

How the global elite rips off the world

Nicole Colson “The few at the top get richer and richer and the millions at the bottom are trapped in poverty wages.” That’s the verdict from Oxfam executive director Winnie Byanyima, based on a new report from the humanitarian group, which found that a staggering 82 percent of all wealth generated in 2...CONTINUE READING

Why Australia is an imperialist country

Tom Bramble The recent announcement by the Turnbull government of plans to set aside nearly $4 billion for Australia’s arms manufacturers and turn the country into a top 10 global arms exporter has pushed Australian militarism back into the spotlight. Despite its limited population and evident lack of...CONTINUE READING

Capitalism is costing the Earth

James Plested Today’s environmental crisis is neatly summed up by New Yorker cartoonist Tom Toro. Three children and a man in a tattered suit are sitting around a small fire in a post-apocalyptic urban landscape. The man says to the children: “Yes, the planet got destroyed, but for a beautiful moment in...CONTINUE READING

The return of great power rivalry

Tom Bramble Two documents published by the US government in the past two months spell it out loud and clear: the US is on the warpath against emerging big power rivals China and Russia. The National Security Strategy and National Defense Strategy, released in December and January respectively, reflect...CONTINUE READING