Endgame in Zimbabwe as army looks to replace Mugabe with neoliberal ‘hardman’

Tomáš Tengely-Evans Pressure is mounting on Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe after a coup by the army last Wednesday (15 November). After he held back from announcing his resignation in a speech on Sunday night, Mugabe was set to face impeachment proceedings on Monday. The leadership of the ruling Zanu PF p...CONTINUE READING

Catalonia at a crossroads

Darren Roso Exceptional political events teach valuable and enduring lessons. Arguments that previously appeared abstract, or removed from reality, become concrete and relevant to millions of people. Latent antagonisms that slowly matured before the political crisis are brought to the surface and reve...CONTINUE READING

Media silence as Western-backed alliance destroys Yemen

Omar Hassan For decades, the people of Yemen have suffered the moral and material indignities of foreign intervention, elite corruption and the social and economic underdevelopment that comes with them. Even before the conflict escalated to its current state, Yemen was the poorest country in the Middl...CONTINUE READING

Lebanon on a knife edge

Omar Hassan Tensions in Lebanon are escalating once again as Saudi Arabia threatens to open up yet another front in its cold war with Iran. The trigger for the latest crisis was the resignation of prime minister Saad Hariri, who has been the Saudi’s main representative since the assassination of his f...CONTINUE READING

One year after hell froze over

Danny Katch One year ago on 8 November, Donald Trump was elected the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet, leaving many hundreds of millions of people in the US and around the world in a state of shock. Pretty much every week since has confirmed our worst fears about Trump in the White Hou...CONTINUE READING

Pollution is killing us

James Plested While the world’s attention has been focused on climate change, another environmental problem has been inflicting death and destruction on a massive scale. According to the findings of a breakthrough new report, the health impacts of pollution may pose an even bigger threat to humanity tha...CONTINUE READING

Paradise Papers reveal tax haven treasure trove

Tom Bramble Hard on the heels of last year’s Panama Papers leak, which exposed massive tax evasion by the world’s fat cats, a new mass leak of documents, named the Paradise Papers, has confirmed that the flagrant looting of national treasuries by the world’s 1% continues unabated. The leak of more tha...CONTINUE READING

Five things to know about the independence movement in Catalonia

James O’Nions Last year, a group of Global Justice Now activists went to Barcelona to see how movements for food sovereignty, energy democracy and housing rights had created significant infrastructure and fed into the historic win by Barcelona En Comú (Barcelona in Common) in the city council elections...CONTINUE READING

A peace prize that’s deserved

James Plested Rather awkwardly for a world grown used to the shameless promotion of hypocrites and warmongers, this year’s Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to people who really deserve it. The Australian-founded International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) received the prize for its work a...CONTINUE READING