Corbyn’s UK Labour must take the fight to Tories

Mick Armstrong Britain’s Conservative prime minister Theresa May has called a snap election for 8 June to capitalise on the Tories’ decisive lead in the opinion polls and a severely divided and demoralised Labour opposition. May hopes that an overwhelming victory will strengthen her hand to push through...CONTINUE READING

Election fraud sparks protests in Serbia

Marko Supic Elections that were meant to consolidate the rule of Serbian president-elect Aleksandar Vucic have backfired, producing the biggest mass demonstrations since the revolution that overthrew dictator Slobodan Milosevic in October 2000. The spark was voting irregularities: opposition candidate...CONTINUE READING

Will Trump start a new Korean War?

David Whitehouse The billionaire reality TV star-turned-president seems to be enjoying his new role as a sabre-rattling commander in chief, and North Korea could be next in the crosshairs. Now that the latest North Korean missile test failed on 16 April, the immediate risk of a US military attack may fade,...CONTINUE READING

Election highlights political polarisation in France

Chris di Pasquale The presidential elections have exposed the political polarisation of French society. For the first time in the post-war period, the two major establishment parties have been left out of the second round of the country’s elections. And for the second time, the fascist National Front (FN) h...CONTINUE READING

US missiles won’t liberate the Syrian people

The Trump administration’s 7 April missile strike targeting the Shayrat Syrian Arab Air Force base in Syria is a frightening escalation of a six-year-old conflict that has already had catastrophic consequences for the Syrian people. Trump said the decision to launch 59 Tomahawk Cruise miss...CONTINUE READING

Capitalism’s renewable energy roadblock

James Plested Who can forget the image? George W. Bush’s stupid, blank face staring out across the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln under a giant banner emblazoned with the words “mission accomplished”. The date was 1 May 2003 – a little over a month after the US launched its invasion of...CONTINUE READING

A new world disorder

Ben Hillier Things used to be different. For more than 70 years, the generally accepted position within the United States ruling class was that the country would stand at the apex of a Western order governed by treaties and institutions that advance the general interest of all states involved, the US...CONTINUE READING

Marine Le Pen and the dangers of fascism in France

John Mullen Fascist National Front (FN) leader Marine Le Pen will likely win the first round of the French presidential elections on 23 April. She will probably lose in the second round of voting on 7 May, but with well over 30 percent of the ballots – double the level her father and party founder, Je...CONTINUE READING

Heroes of the Palestinian resistance

Vashti Kenway In the occupied West Bank, the Tamimi family name is synonymous with Palestinian struggle. They are the mainstay of the protest movement in the village of Nabi Saleh, which has been battling against Israeli settlement building, occupation and water theft for decades. Mothers, brothers, unc...CONTINUE READING