Trump accelerates attacks on immigrants

Barry Sheppard On top of US president Donald Trump’s blocking of immigrants from six majority-Muslim countries and his derision of countries in Africa, and Haiti and El Salvador as “shitholes”, his Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is stepping up deportations of immigrant rights activists...CONTINUE READING

Another fighter for Black rights dies at the hands of cops

Barry Sheppard Erica Garner, Black Lives Matter activist and daughter of African American Eric Garner, who was brutally murdered by New York City police in 2014, died on 30 December. She was 27 years old. The proximate cause of death was a heart attack, rare in one so young. The underlying cause was the...CONTINUE READING

Israel blacklists supporters of Palestine

Kim Bullimore After months of denying its existence, Israel’s Strategic Affairs Ministry on 7 January announced a blacklist of 20 organisations whose members and supporters would be barred from entering the Zionist state from 1 March due to their endorsing the Palestinian boycott, divestment and sanctio...CONTINUE READING

Palestinian teenager faces prison for resisting occupation

Christopher Anderton Ahed Tamimi, a 16-year-old Palestinian activist from the village of Nabi Saleh in the West Bank, will be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison for slapping and shoving an Israeli soldier, if found guilty by a military tribunal. She was arrested at 4am on 19 December, hours after a video wa...CONTINUE READING

Fear, loathing and resistance in Trump’s America

Ashley Smith The Trump administration is one of the most reactionary governments in US history. It is a shotgun marriage of the far right, the Republican establishment, Goldman Sachs Democrats and Pentagon generals, each intent on implementing a different agenda. Trump stands astride this chaotic facti...CONTINUE READING

The greatest radicalisation since 1979 as Iran explodes

Foad Asabani What began as a small protest in Mashhad, north-east Iran, against price rises, high unemployment and other economic grievances has spread across 65-70 towns and cities around the country. Workers and the poor have flooded the streets. The chants and slogans within a day turned against the...CONTINUE READING

The crisis in neoliberalism and its ramifications

Tom Bramble The neoliberal model that has dominated mainstream politics and economics for decades is in crisis. Popular discontent with the austerity and inequality that have resulted from the imposition of neoliberal policies has become a major question in world politics, with Brexit, Sanders, Trump...CONTINUE READING

The year the monsters came back

Corey Oakley Donald Trump – thrower of tantrums, constructor of vast conspiracies, pathological liar, sleazy snake oil salesman, malignant bully boy and oafish dotard – is a caricature of capitalist depravity and moral degeneration so repugnant that even the most inspired satirist could never have drea...CONTINUE READING

Venezuela, unfinished revolution

Jorge Jorquera A good case can be made for Latin America being both the birthplace of neoliberalism and where the first shots were fired against it. Chile became the laboratory for neoliberal thought on the back of the crushing defeat of the working class in September 1973. A decade and a half later, the...CONTINUE READING