Australia: What’s to celebrate? 

Omar Hassan 26 January. A Day of tacky US-style patriotism and of supermarket specials on “Aussie” foods like mouldy yeast and putrid sausages. A day in which gangs of marauding drunk white men roam the streets wearing flags as capes. It’s sickening. It doesn’t help that the Australian flag itself is...CONTINUE READING

Australia, US facilitate Saudi war crimes in Yemen

Omar Hassan The Saudi-led war on Yemen has devastated a country already crippled by widespread poverty and systematic neglect. In 2015, Saudi Arabia and its allies launched what has become a vicious, unrelenting assault on a defenceless population. Their goal is to defeat the Houthi rebels, who have r...CONTINUE READING

Explaining US hostility to Iran

Omar Hassan The Trump administration is famous for its abusive tweets and infantile militarism. Yet no country suffers under such persistent and active hostility from the US government as Iran. In the first two years of his presidency, Trump has threatened to declare war against Iran on numerous occas...CONTINUE READING

Siege and resistance in Gaza: an interview with Toufic Haddad

Omar Hassan What is the background to the protests? The regime of control Israel imposes over Gaza is unprecedented globally, some academics calling it a “digital occupation”. Remote control machine guns and drones monitor and police this tiny territory, which is 360 square kilometres, while Gaza’s ac...CONTINUE READING

Why you should join the socialists

Omar Hassan It’s a difficult time to be a capitalist. Not from an economic perspective. Research by Oxfam reveals that an incredible 82 percent of wealth produced around the world last year went to the top 1 percent, and that the 1 percent in Australia now have more wealth than the bottom 70 percent o...CONTINUE READING

The moral depravity at the heart of Australia’s refugee policy

Omar Hassan At a rally early last month in Sydney, the crowd heard from a refugee on Manus Island, Walid Zazai, who repeated a painfully simple refrain: “We are human beings”. The words have refused to be forgotten, reverberating and cascading as the conditions on Manus worsened. The significance of t...CONTINUE READING

Media silence as Western-backed alliance destroys Yemen

Omar Hassan For decades, the people of Yemen have suffered the moral and material indignities of foreign intervention, elite corruption and the social and economic underdevelopment that comes with them. Even before the conflict escalated to its current state, Yemen was the poorest country in the Middl...CONTINUE READING

Lebanon on a knife edge

Omar Hassan Tensions in Lebanon are escalating once again as Saudi Arabia threatens to open up yet another front in its cold war with Iran. The trigger for the latest crisis was the resignation of prime minister Saad Hariri, who has been the Saudi’s main representative since the assassination of his f...CONTINUE READING

Only a fool or a liar would accept the Saudi ‘reform’ story

Omar Hassan The US alliance with Saudi Arabia has been something of an embarrassment for the political establishment for years now, what with the Saudi monarchy’s total hostility to the most basic democratic freedoms, its ultra-bigoted policies targeting women and religious minorities and the country’...CONTINUE READING