Australia is a master at peddling foreign influence

Sam Pietsch New “foreign influence” laws were passed by federal parliament on 28 June, along with increased police powers relating to espionage and sabotage of infrastructure. The laws purport to counter the pernicious effect of overseas countries, specifically China, on Australian democracy. “Media r...CONTINUE READING

Losing Santhia. The death of a Tiger and the fate of a nation, part one 

Ben Hillier Half a dozen young men, ex-cadres dedicated to national defence, sit on plastic chairs beneath the seven-storey Marian Shrine of Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni (Our Lady of Good Health), an imposing Indo-Mughal-styled Catholic temple in Medan, northern Sumatra. In turn, each bares his wound...CONTINUE READING

The $600 billion multinational tax scam

James Plested The big picture is easy to see. The world’s richest few are expanding their fortunes at the cost of the vast majority. The combined wealth of the world’s 2,754 billionaires increased by US$1.8 trillion – or 24 percent – in 2017, to US$9.2 trillion. The richest 1 percent now own as much as...CONTINUE READING

Global displacement at record highs 

Viktoria Ivanova The number of the world’s forcibly displaced people reached a record 68.5 million at the end of 2017, according to a recent UNHCR report. That’s more than the total population of the United Kingdom. The rise is greater than global population growth, meaning that the persecution, war and vi...CONTINUE READING

Trump’s ‘fake order’ exposed as protests grow

Barry Sheppard In response to a massive public outcry against his policy of separating asylum seekers from their children, president Trump issued an executive order on 20 June to stop the practice. A victory? Not so fast. Trump’s order reaffirmed his “zero tolerance” policy requiring asylum seekers cross...CONTINUE READING

As an anti-Semitic fascist movement grows, Zionists attack the anti-fascist left 

Ben Hillier, Daniel Taylor Far right politics is making a comeback. And with it comes political anti-Semitism. In the English-speaking world, quasi-fascist “alt-right” milieus increasingly consider the “JQ” (“Jewish question”) an important component of their political war against immigration, liberalism, socialism a...CONTINUE READING

Australian war crimes

Ben Hillier How many civilians have Australian special forces killed in Afghanistan? We don’t know and may never know. But it is becoming clearer that war crimes of a scale not previously reported or acknowledged have been carried out by some in Australia’s most venerated military units. Documents lea...CONTINUE READING

Palestine is not occupied, it is colonised

Ramzy Baroud June 5 marked the 51st anniversary of the Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. But, unlike the massive popular mobilisation that preceded the anniversary of the Nakba – the catastrophic destruction of Palestine in 1948 – the anniversary of the occupation did not ge...CONTINUE READING

Trump’s new immigration cruelty

Barry Sheppard Washington has a long history of using deportations to strike fear among undocumented workers. In recent years deportations have increased – former president Barack Obama became known as “deporter in chief”. But Trump has greatly stepped up the drive, mainly against undocumented Latinos, u...CONTINUE READING