Why we need a revolution

Chloe Rafferty Revolution has always been necessary to achieve radical change. The establishment of capitalism required revolutions and civil wars to wrest power from the old feudal order, with the French revolution the most well-known example. The struggle to abolish slavery was launched by the Haitian...CONTINUE READING

What’s a bit of political interference among friends? 

Chloe Rafferty The ABC boardroom is starting to look a little like a Liberal cabinet meeting, and not just because it’s been plagued by a series of coups, counter-coups and press leaks. Also like a Liberal cabinet, the ABC’s board is stacked with friends of big business: former representatives for News C...CONTINUE READING

NSW police surveillance list targets Aboriginal children

Chloe Rafferty NSW police have been keeping a watch list under their Suspect Target Management Plan (STMP) since 2000. To make it onto the list, you need not have committed a crime, and you won’t be told you’re on it. If you suspect that you’re on it, there’s no way of getting taken off. One factor overw...CONTINUE READING

Port Kembla workers locked out in ‘unprecedented’ attack

Chloe Rafferty The consortium of coal companies that owns and operates the Port Kembla Coal Terminal, near Wollongong, has launched a significant attack on its unionised workforce. After three years of enterprise bargaining negotiations and a 48-hour strike by the CFMEU over Christmas, the PKCT bosses lo...CONTINUE READING

Wollongong students beat back Young Liberal prats

Chloe Rafferty For the last year and a half, the Young Liberals currently holding the presidency of the Wollongong Undergraduate Students Association (WUSA) have used the position to proclaim whatever right wing thing pops into their head – from celebrating the queen (“long may she reign”), to posing wit...CONTINUE READING

‘I’m not a slave to anybody’– Aunty Adelaide’s story

Chloe Rafferty There’s no way of knowing exactly how much the state and the pastoralists enriched themselves off stolen Aboriginal wages. In Queensland alone, the estimate is half a billion dollars taken, but it’s impossible to put a number on the unpaid labour, the abuse and the suffering at the heart o...CONTINUE READING

NSW premier appoints ‘pro-lifer’ to women’s portfolio

Chloe Rafferty With Donald Trump ’s attack on abortion rights sweeping the US – including the withdrawal of international aid money from organisations that discuss abortion access and looming executive orders that are rumoured to allow companies in the US to discriminate against women who have an abortio...CONTINUE READING

Democracy ditched for Baird’s developer mates

Chloe Rafferty Local councils aren’t known for being beacons of democracy. In fact, they usually provide little more than a greasy handshake and a sack of cash as a barrier to the profits of big developers. But in his campaign to sell off every inch of NSW to developer mates and private transport provide...CONTINUE READING

Union exposes 457 exploitation

Chloe Rafferty They were housed three to a room, with 29 men crammed into one property with one bathroom in Worrigee on the NSW south coast. Their clothes were hung off hooks on the wall; they slept on mattresses on the floor and worked 10 to 11 hour shifts at the Manildra Ethanol Plant in Bomaderry. Onc...CONTINUE READING