Fascists flail in Melbourne race hate trial

Corey Oakley It was 10.15 on Monday morning, and the true believers of Australia’s “patriot movement” weren’t happy. United Patriots Front (UPF) leader Blair Cottrell, along with Chris Shortis and Neil Erikson, were in court contesting various charges arising from a stunt outside a Bendigo Council buil...CONTINUE READING

Right wing moonbats go statue crazy

Corey Oakley The perpetually frothing and indignant right have uncovered a fiendish plot to abolish history, or at bare minimum force it to get gay married. Stan Grant’s demand that the statue of Captain Cook in central Sydney be torn down sparked a flurry of outrage. “TALIBAN LEFT: PC vandals’ bid to...CONTINUE READING

Fighting fascism after Charlottesville

Corey Oakley It took a stunning confluence of events to convince the US Republican Party leadership to denounce fascism and white supremacy. A march through the night at the University of Virginia, where white, tika torch wielding men, invoking the history of KKK lynch mobs, chanted “Blood and soil!” a...CONTINUE READING

Trump is marching us towards nuclear war

Corey Oakley The US president is marching the world towards nuclear war. It’s time we started taking this seriously. “[F]ire, fury, and, frankly, power, the likes of which the world has never seen.” That is what Donald Trump promised if North Korea made “any more threats to the United States”. Two days...CONTINUE READING

Demanding loyalty to the state is always reactionary

Corey Oakley It is easy to mock the absurd dual citizenship ban that led to the resignations of Greens senators Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters, and is now knocking down senators and MPs at the rate of about one a week. The idea that Scott Ludlam was secretly plotting against Australia on behalf of the...CONTINUE READING

Does it matter if Trump is in bed with Russia?

Corey Oakley Emails released by Donald Trump Jr last week, just before they were published by the New York Times , make it clear that the Trump camp, at the very least, attempted to collude with the Russian government during last year’s presidential campaign. Cue complete crazy from the Russia-obsessed...CONTINUE READING

A system that let working class people burn

Corey Oakley The horrific fire that destroyed Grenfell Tower in London, killing at least 58 people and possibly many more, was not simply a tragedy. The disaster has exposed in the starkest possible terms the true horror of an austerity-racked, class-divided society, and the inhuman, brutish nature of...CONTINUE READING

Corbyn election campaign shows a left wing alternative is possible

Corey Oakley It wasn’t supposed to go like this. When UK prime minister Theresa May called a snap election five weeks ago, the decision was widely portrayed as a masterstroke. The Tories, it was almost universally agreed, would romp home with a huge majority and a sweeping mandate for more savage auste...CONTINUE READING

Marine Le Pen and the global far right threat

Corey Oakley Much as the defenders of the centre may wish and proclaim it, defeat for Marine Le Pen in the second round of the French presidential election will not put an end to the crisis of legitimacy of the neoliberal order. Nor will it signal an end to the frightening rise of the far right across...CONTINUE READING