Marine Le Pen and the global far right threat

Corey Oakley Much as the defenders of the centre may wish and proclaim it, defeat for Marine Le Pen in the second round of the French presidential election will not put an end to the crisis of legitimacy of the neoliberal order. Nor will it signal an end to the frightening rise of the far right across...CONTINUE READING

Trump’s march through the institutions

Corey Oakley When I spoke with Joel Geier a week or so after Donald Trump’s inauguration, he told me, “It’s a 1950s McCarthyite administration meeting a 1960s protest movement in open combat. Every day is extraordinary, totally unexpected chaos – politics exploding in unimaginable ways”. This was the t...CONTINUE READING

When even Keating is getting off the neoliberal train

Corey Oakley Neoliberalism is having a bad time of it lately. ACTU secretary Sally McManus, speaking at the Press Club in March, was the latest to go on the attack. “Neoliberalism, trickle-down economics. These tired ideas have delivered inequality for working people, and ordinary Australians have been...CONTINUE READING

Robbing the poor to give to the rich

Corey Oakley In the wake of the Trump and Brexit earthquakes, members of the political and media establishment in Australia have spent much of their time on the psychiatrist’s couch, composing agonising tweets asking why everybody hates them. A brief survey of the last two weeks should provide all the...CONTINUE READING

There’s nothing better about a ‘presidential’ Trump

Corey Oakley In the weeks after Trump’s inauguration, the US liberal establishment had its fighting face on. Media outlets were speaking truth to power. Democratic politicians linked arms with protesters in the streets and ended all their tweets with #resistance. Then it happened. It didn’t last long,...CONTINUE READING

The urgency of resistance

Corey Oakley There are moments in history where standing on the sidelines of the political struggle is not an option. This is one of them. The Trump presidency is transforming politics in the US and around the world. The first weeks of his rule have made it clear that this will be an administration wit...CONTINUE READING

The world needs a new radical left, and now

Corey Oakley It is as bad as anyone imagined. In the days after Trump’s shock win, the anxious and despairing comforted themselves with the hope that his vile far right rhetoric was just campaign trail bluster. Surely once in office, a more moderate Trump would emerge. It was a fairy tale. Less than tw...CONTINUE READING

The Western left and the Syrian war

Corey Oakley The Syrian war is not just a tragedy. It is a crime of immense proportions. And it is clear as day who is culpable. First, the Assad regime, which in 2011 met the demands of a protest movement for social justice and democratisation with bullets and torture cells, and when that failed, and...CONTINUE READING

Anti-Muslim prejudice is racism – we need to name it and resist it

Corey Oakley There’s no doubt the Essential Poll revealing that 49 percent of Australians support a ban on Muslim immigration is shocking. But it shouldn’t be surprising. Racism has been at the core of Australian politics and identity since invasion. From the genocidal wars waged against the Indigenous...CONTINUE READING