Outlawing anti-fascism

Corey Oakley Let racist thugs terrorise Melbourne’s migrant heartlands unopposed. Allow openly fascist and Nazi groups to organise on the streets. Cower. Capitulate. Roll over. That’s the message of the hysterical campaign waged by the Herald Sun and the Age in the wake of last weekend’s protest where...CONTINUE READING

Fascists driven out of Coburg

Corey Oakley “Finally, I see so many people standing here together, standing in solidarity. We are uniting against these bigots, these clowns.” These were the words of Rasheed, one of a hundred or so young Muslim locals who joined several hundred socialists, anarchists and other local residents to driv...CONTINUE READING

An election that raises real issues but presents few real alternatives

Corey Oakley If there was one thing the Liberal government didn’t want, it was an election dominated by the politics of class and wealth inequality. That’s the reason the 2016 budget abandoned the language of “ending the age of entitlement” and “lifters versus leaners”, opting instead for the inoffensi...CONTINUE READING

A revolution that will not die

Corey Oakley Over the last four years, the Syrian people have paid a horrendous price for having the audacity to rise up against dictatorship and demand their freedom. Liberated cities have been reduced to rubble, pulverised by relentless waves of barrel bombs, chemical weapons, and most recently attac...CONTINUE READING

Fairfax bosses are either racists or cowards. Or maybe both.

Corey Oakley In July 2014, Mike Carlton wrote an article describing Israel’s war on the civilians of Gaza. “The images from Gaza are searing, a gallery of death and horror”, he wrote. “A dishevelled Palestinian man cries out in agony, his blood-soaked little brother dead in his arms. On a filthy hospit...CONTINUE READING

The lies they tell about the Russian Revolution

Corey Oakley The Russian revolution may have taken place nearly a century ago, but attacks on it continue. In school history courses, academia, and in popular culture there is an ongoing attempt to discredit the revolution and its leaders, and to establish that Stalinism was the inevitable outcome of t...CONTINUE READING

Sectarianism not the root cause of Middle East chaos

Corey Oakley For the vast majority of commentators and politicians, who neither anticipated nor wanted the unruly democratic uprising of the masses that was the 2011 Arab revolt, the region’s subsequent descent into sectarian violence has been a welcome relief. It appears to them a vindication of all t...CONTINUE READING

Far right racists can’t be ignored

Corey Oakley If you watched the feature on Reclaim Australia on Channel 7’s Sunday program the other week, you could be forgiven for thinking Australia’s far right are a bunch of harmless concerned citizens. They’re not. Blair Cottrell, a key organiser of the recent protests, is an out-and-out Nazi. No...CONTINUE READING

Blairites wiped out in UK Labour vote

Corey Oakley The newly elected leader of the British Labour Party cut short his victory speech so he could go to address a 50,000-strong protest in central London in support of refugee rights. After hailing what he called a “people’s uprising” across Europe, he joined musician Billy Bragg in a stirring...CONTINUE READING