A socialist electoral campaign like none in living memory

Corey Oakley For the last two months, hundreds of socialist activists have been pounding the pavements of Melbourne’s northern suburbs – knocking on doors, handing out leaflets at train stations and shopping centres, putting up posters and letterboxing homes. There hasn’t been a socialist electoral cam...CONTINUE READING

Put a socialist in the Victorian parliament 

Corey Oakley You don’t need to be a genius to see that politics in this country is seriously broken. The problem, though, is that while there are massive levels of discontent with the major parties and the broader political establishment, there has been little in the way of an alternative that can give...CONTINUE READING

Victorian Socialists vow to take on Hanson

Corey Oakley “You have every right to be angry with a system that has let you down. But don’t blame migrants. Don’t blame Muslims. Blame the people who are actually responsible: the big corporations and the politicians who are in their pockets.” That is the message from Victorian Socialists candidate S...CONTINUE READING

Even Andrew Bolt can see the Liberals are waging class war for the rich 

Corey Oakley Were you to come up with a list of commentators likely to savage the Liberal government’s hypocrisy for going after innocent union officials while covering up for its criminal mates in the big banks, Andrew Bolt probably wouldn’t be your first choice. But there he was on the Bolt Report la...CONTINUE READING

Victorian Socialists’ campaign gearing up

Corey Oakley “It’s the left that have been the backbone of the same sex marriage debate; we were the backbone of stopping the East-West tunnel; we’re the backbone of fighting for workers’ rights and for public housing tenants. “We’re fed up with being political suckers. We’re fed up with doing all this...CONTINUE READING

The scale of the global crisis demands a radical response

Corey Oakley It is increasingly a truism that, around the world, politics is being reshaped at an extraordinary pace. In the West, ongoing stagnant or declining living standards, alongside grinding austerity and the gutting of what remains of social welfare, have combined with the massive accumulation...CONTINUE READING

The battle for Batman shows the need for a new way

Corey Oakley The battle between Labor and the Greens in the Batman by-election illustrated a lot about what is wrong with left politics in this country. The two previous contests in the inner-Melbourne seat – at the 2013 and 2016 federal elections – pitted long-time Greens candidate Alex Bhathal agains...CONTINUE READING

Grab this chance to put a socialist into parliament

Corey Oakley When the Herald Sun broke the news this morning that a new political party – the Victorian Socialists – has been formed with the ambitious goal of winning an upper house seat in the Victorian elections later this year, some people may have been surprised to learn that Socialist Alternative...CONTINUE READING

The year the monsters came back

Corey Oakley Donald Trump – thrower of tantrums, constructor of vast conspiracies, pathological liar, sleazy snake oil salesman, malignant bully boy and oafish dotard – is a caricature of capitalist depravity and moral degeneration so repugnant that even the most inspired satirist could never have drea...CONTINUE READING