Helen Razer’s total Marxist propaganda for the young and not-so-young

Corey Oakley Helen Razer, it is probably fair to say, is not your average Marxist. For starters, she’s much more entertaining than most of us. Plenty of Marxists have pointed out that the old guy didn’t just criticise capitalism, but also recognised its revolutionary element. Razer is the first I’ve he...CONTINUE READING

Fifty-five percent of Australians think there will be a war with North Korea. So where is the mass panic?

Corey Oakley According to a 9 October Essential Poll, 55 percent of Australians think it is likely or very likely that tensions between the US and North Korea will lead to war. That’s an extraordinary figure. There is only one rational reason to be in a state of anything other than total despair about...CONTINUE READING

Labor on board the Liberals’ Trump train

Corey Oakley Belligerent denunciation of North Korea and steadfast defence of whatever latest lunacy appeared on Donald Trump’s Twitter feed has become standard practice for the Australian government. That period when you wondered if a particularly insane Trump tweet threatening nuclear Armageddon migh...CONTINUE READING

The left should pause before embracing euthanasia laws

Corey Oakley In a decent society, euthanasia would be a basic civil right. More than that, a decent society would consider control over your own death to be as important as, and interconnected with, control over your own life. The problem is, we don’t live in a decent society. We live in a society in w...CONTINUE READING

Theresa May and the crisis the centre right should be in everywhere

Corey Oakley Theresa May’s speech to the Conservative Party conference was billed as the last chance to turn her fortunes around. Instead, it descended into a high farce that has killed off whatever remote chance May had of saving her prime ministership. The first sign of trouble was when prankster Sim...CONTINUE READING

Thanks for the advice, but the Yes campaign is doing just fine

Corey Oakley As the pre-game entertainment was getting under way before the NRL grand final, Sydney Morning Herald columnist Peter FitzSimons was sitting next to a nervous Ian Roberts. Roberts, FitzSimons said, was “the toughest footballer ever to put on a boot”. He is also the only professional male f...CONTINUE READING

Ripping up Iran nuclear deal would prove North Korea’s point

Corey Oakley Donald’s Trump’s threat to “destroy North Korea”, which raised the spectre of nuclear war and murder and destruction on a scale unprecedented since World War Two, understandably dominated the headlines in the wake of his speech to the United Nations on 20 September. But horrifying as this...CONTINUE READING

Fascists flail in Melbourne race hate trial

Corey Oakley It was 10.15 on Monday morning, and the true believers of Australia’s “patriot movement” weren’t happy. United Patriots Front (UPF) leader Blair Cottrell, along with Chris Shortis and Neil Erikson, were in court contesting various charges arising from a stunt outside a Bendigo Council buil...CONTINUE READING

Right wing moonbats go statue crazy

Corey Oakley The perpetually frothing and indignant right have uncovered a fiendish plot to abolish history, or at bare minimum force it to get gay married. Stan Grant’s demand that the statue of Captain Cook in central Sydney be torn down sparked a flurry of outrage. “TALIBAN LEFT: PC vandals’ bid to...CONTINUE READING