Jack Crawford
RATs should be free
Jack Crawford

Having allowed COVID to spread out of control, and with testing facilities overwhelmed, you might have thought that making rapid antigen testing free is the least the authorities could do.

Algorithms of war
Jack Crawford

At the outbreak of World War I, the French army was mobilised in the fashion of Napoleonic times. On horseback and equipped with swords, the cuirassiers wore bright tricolour uniforms topped with feathers—the same get-up as when they swept through Europe a hundred years earlier. The remainder of 1914 would humble tradition-minded militarists. Vast fields were filled with trenches, barbed wire, poison gas and machine gun fire—plunging the ill-equipped soldiers into a violent hellscape of industrial-scale slaughter.

How capitalism is killing the Murray-Darling Basin
Killing the Murray-Darling Basin
Jack Crawford

It’s difficult to overstate the ecological and social significance of the Murray-Darling Basin, the region containing six of Australia’s seven longest rivers. For tens of thousands of years, this river system has supported unique, complex ecosystems and human life in what—excepting Antarctica—is Earth’s driest continent. The basin spans about one-seventh of the continent’s landmass (just over 1 million square kilometres), and supplies a third of Australia's food.

'Net zero by 2050' means disaster
'Net zero by 2050'
Jack Crawford

With the emissions reduction targets pledged in Kyoto, Japan, in the 1990s fading into distant memory, 2050—safely distant in time—has become the new favoured target date for the people making money from fossil fuels. As the Arctic permafrost melts and biodiversity collapses, “net zero by 2050” promises are an attempt to bullshit the public while allowing business as usual to continue undisturbed. 

Dead zone: the crisis of the ocean
Jack Crawford

Life on earth depends on the ecology of the oceans, whose ecosystems produce half of the atmosphere's breathable oxygen. But the oceans are being damaged, perhaps irreparably, by capitalist industry.

‘Nothing in, nothing out!’: Adelaide brewery workers on strike
Emma Dynes

West End Brewery workers in Adelaide are on strike to secure a fair redundancy payout when the brewery closes in June.

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