Striking weather workers bringing a storm

Jerome Small How disruptive is the industrial action to management? How much industrial power do you actually have? The action we are taking is highly disruptive. We have a good density of members in the key operational areas involved with issuing forecasts and taking real-time observations. As a union...CONTINUE READING

Esso gas dispute: workers on the frontline against boss’ offensive

Jerome Small “We are resolute … I’ve fought for wages and conditions over the 40 years that I’ve been a construction worker. This issue at hand now, there has never been a more important issue than this fight that we are standing for right now.” Mal is a scaffolder-rigger. He has worked in the oil and...CONTINUE READING

Government building code: pressure increases on construction unions

Jerome Small The industrial pressure is increasing in the construction industry. Employers are pushing to amend enterprise agreements so that they comply with the government’s anti-union building code before it comes into full operation on 1 September. As well as national strikes and rallies by buildin...CONTINUE READING
Fascists march in Melbourne

Fascists marched through my town last weekend

Jerome Small Fascists carried out a march in Melbourne on 25 June. Actual fascists. The kind of people who say, “There should be a picture of Hitler in every classroom”. A group that describes itself as “the fist of Australia” and tried to march through multicultural Coburg last year spreading “force a...CONTINUE READING

‘They can’t lock us all up’ – construction unions bring Melbourne to a halt

Jerome Small The jumble of cranes that dominate Melbourne’s skyline isn't moving today. The colossal building boom that’s transforming the city is stopped in its tracks. The power that our side has is on display for anyone who cares to look, as a river of fluro-clad workers flows out of construction si...CONTINUE READING

Locked-out timber workers draw the line

Jerome Small It’s a pretty place for a picket line, an unlikely setting for a crucial working class struggle. Workers in the small north-east Victorian town of Myrtleford have found themselves on the front lines of resistance against an aggressive, anti-worker push being carried out by some of the bigg...CONTINUE READING

Union protests Vic Labor’s NDIS privatisation

Steph Price, Jerome Small Hundreds of disability sector workers and their supporters rallied outside the Victorian state parliament on 12 May over the government’s plans to privatise Victoria’s disability support sector. Workers are furious about Labor premier Daniel Andrews trashing an election promise to keep dis...CONTINUE READING

Turnbull’s 457 visa fraud

Jerome Small “The coalition government – ensuring Aussie workers have priority for Aussie jobs – abolishing the 457 work visa.” You can find these words on immigration minister Peter Dutton’s website – superimposed over a picture of a giant muddy backhoe, digging dirt in some remote-looking location. T...CONTINUE READING

Democracy and the state in the age of Trump

Jerome Small The world’s greatest democracy is in danger. A “deep state”, unaccountable to democratic control, spies on a presidential candidate. Shadowy security forces leak damaging, and often false, secret dossiers. When the anti-establishment candidate is elected, the deep state moves into high gea...CONTINUE READING