Israel no model for Aboriginal people

Kim Bullimore Aboriginal journalist Stan Grant told the ABC’s Recognition: Yes or No? program on 20 September: “I have been to Israel and I have seen the sense of Jewish belonging, whether you are an Ethiopian Jew or a Russian Jew or an American Jew, with a whole range of ethnicities and everything else...CONTINUE READING

The corporate giants that dwarf 180 countries

Kim Bullimore The combined revenues of the largest 10 corporations in the world, including Apple, Toyota, Walmart, Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil and Volkswagen, now exceed the combined income of 180 of the world’s 195 sovereign states. The top 10 corporations have combined annual incomes of more than US$2.8 tr...CONTINUE READING

South Korean union leader jailed

Kim Bullimore Han Sang-gyn, president of the 800,000-strong (South) Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), was sentenced to five years’ jail on 4 July for his role in organising a series of demonstrations against the Park Geun-hye government. Han was convicted on charges relating to traffic and pu...CONTINUE READING

All lives will matter when Black lives matter

Kim Bullimore Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, South Africa, Germany and Australia in the wake of the police murders of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling in the US in early July. In Australia, Black Lives Matter solidarity actions drew attenti...CONTINUE READING

A Palestinian love story too much for Zionists to bear

Kim Bullimore Tales of a city by the sea , a play depicting a love story in Gaza, has come under attack from the Victorian Liberal Party and Zionist organisations. They have demanded it be withdrawn from this year’s Victorian Education Certificate (VCE) drama list, which is studied by more than 1,300 se...CONTINUE READING

Fact: Australia was invaded, not peacefully settled

Kim Bullimore Renowned Australian anthropologist W.E.H. Stanner identified, in his 1968 Boyer Lecture, what he termed “the Great Australian Silence”. Addressing the structural racism and the violent settler-colonial history on which Australian society is built, Stanner explained that a “cult of disremem...CONTINUE READING

British government tries to intimidate Palestine solidarity campaigners

Kim Bullimore David Cameron’s Conservative government in Britain has published new public procurement guidelines in an attempt to stop local council and public authorities supporting “town-hall boycotts” of Israel. The move is part of increasingly strident attempts in Israel, Britain, France, Europe and...CONTINUE READING

Patrick Wolfe: scholar, activist and friend of Palestine

Kim Bullimore Respected Australian scholar and Palestine solidarity campaigner Patrick Wolfe passed away unexpectedly on 18 February. A long-time advocate for Palestinian human rights, self-determination and justice, Wolfe was a groundbreaking scholar. He researched and taught in Australia and internati...CONTINUE READING

Korean government targeting unions

Kim Bullimore More than 410 trade unionists have been targeted in South Korea, as the Park Geun-hye government continues to crack down on workers and organised labour. Among those arrested are nine members and officials belonging to the Korean Public Transport Union and five officials from the Korean Co...CONTINUE READING